Improve Your Thyroid and Hormonal Health with Red Light Therapy

Emerging research on red light therapy is showing very positive results for thyroid and hormonal health, and even helping people reduce their dependence on expensive (and sometimes) dangerous medications.

Encouraging Clinical Research Shows Promise for Light Therapy and Hypothyroidism

More than 5% of the population has some type of thyroid disorder, and for years, the most widely prescribed drug in America has been Synthroid (levothyroxine). [1,2] Conventional treatments like medication and surgery try to manage hormonal imbalances, often with considerable risks. [3]

Given the known side effects and dependency issues with traditional treatments like prescription drugs and surgery, many people with thyroid conditions are looking for effective, natural alternatives. Clinical research on light therapy’s effects on the thyroid is in its early stages, but initial clinical trials, as well as laboratory research, is extremely encouraging.

Researchers in Brazil conducted a 3-year study of red light therapy for people with chronic hypothyroidism and thyroiditis, who take levothyroxine to manage hormone levels. The researchers have published a series of studies outlining their findings, which included a 9-month follow up with all patients. Here’s the summary:

Less need for levothyroxine: Researchers discovered that people with a history of taking levothyroxine were able to significantly reduce their doses with regular red light therapy treatments. In 47% of cases, people were able to stop taking the medication entirely. [4]

Decline in thyroid peroxidase (TPOAb): Study participants also showed a decline in levels of TPOAb, which are antibodies indicating an autoimmune problem—further demonstrating the cellular benefits of light therapy. [4]

Overall thyroid health: The researchers concluded that light therapy is “effective at improving thyroid function and promoting reduced TPOAb-mediated autoimmunity.” [4]

Lab Research Shows Red Light Therapy’s Potential for Treating Thyroid Conditions

Human thyroid function is similar to other mammals, so evaluating trials on the thyroid and hormonal responses of animals in laboratory studies is also helpful.

A 2015 study found that administering light therapy to the thyroid gland of lab animals “revealed improvement in thyroid function, liver function and antioxidant levels, and blood cell count after light therapy.” [5]

Hypothyroidism & healing: Hypothyroidism can cause problems with healing wounds and injuries, taking longer than if thyroid levels were normal. [6] Red light therapy has been found in numerous clinical trials to improve and speed wound and scar healing. [7]

A 2018 study analyzed wound healing in a hypothyroidism model. Researchers found that the addition of red light therapy treatments significantly improved the elasticity of healing wounds. [6]

Health and Fitness Leaders Trust Red Light Therapy

In addition to clinical evidence, respected health and fitness leaders are using Joovv and reporting pretty incredible results.

The founder of Wellness Mama has documented her struggles raising kids and running a business while battling Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Like 20+ million Americans, Katie has had to take a thyroid hormone medication. Although Joovv is not specifically cleared for thyroid-specific treatments, Katie says she’s been able to gradually lower her dose of thyroid medication through daily red light therapy sessions, while experiencing improved thyroiditis symptoms like reduced joint pain and higher energy.

Americans, I have to take a thyroid hormone medication. But thanks to Joovv, I’ve been able to lower my dose while also treating some of the worst symptoms. There are a lot of new moms out there with Postpartum Thyroiditis too, and if you’re like me, adding light therapy could really help you get in control of your body again.*
joovv Katie


Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama spoke about her thyroid condition and light therapy on a recent episode of the Wellness Mama podcast if you want to hear more about her hormonal health journey.

Joovv is Participating in Future Trials on Red Light Therapy and Hormone Health

The early human trials and studies on red light and thyroid health are very encouraging, but a lot more research is needed, and has the possibility to help a lot of people with hormone problems.

Joovv is proud to be participating in emerging clinical research on this topic, and supplying red light therapy systems to researchers and institutions around the world so we can all learn more about hormone health and how to treat thyroid conditions more effectively and naturally.

Ready for Red Light?

Red light therapy has major potential to be a natural and effective treatment for hormonal health that doesn’t rely on drugs or come with a host of side effects. Although Joovv’s devices are registered with FDA for pain and inflammation relief, the early clinical research on red light therapy for thyroid and hormone health is extremely encouraging, as are the accounts from health professionals and Joovv users across the world. can learn more about Joovv’s red light therapy devices here.

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