Recovery+ Mode

Recovery+ Mode

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One of Joovv’s most exciting innovations is Recovery+ mode. This article explains what Recovery+ mode is, how it works, and why Joovv devices are on the cutting-edge of fitness and recovery technology.

What is Recovery+ Mode?

Recovery+ mode is a setting on Joovv devices that aims to optimize the natural recovery, healing, and regeneration processes of the body. When you use a Joovv device, you have the option to choose between continuous waves of red light, near infrared (NIR) light, or a combination of both. When a Joovv device is set to Recovery+ mode, it will deliver both continuous waves of red light and pulsed waves of NIR light. 

Keep in mind that NIR light is invisible to the human eye, so treatments with Recovery+ mode won’t look any different. But pulsed NIR light may have an even bigger impact on deep tissue regeneration and recovery, so your body and cells should feel the difference. One other thing to note, Joovv includes eye protection for treatments using NIR wavelengths of light; learn more in our treatment guidelines.

What is Pulsed NIR Light

Continuous light shines at the same frequency at all times. This is how red light therapy from a Joovv device works. “Pulsed” simply means the delivery of NIR light using rapid on and off cycles at different frequencies. It’s like the difference between leaving a light on in a room versus quickly turning the light on and off again and again. You won’t see the difference during a treatment session, but pulsed NIR light has been shown to work even better for recovery and cellular regeneration versus continuous NIR light. [1,2]

Check out Joovv’s Science Page to learn more about light therapy.

When to Use Recovery+ Mode

Recovery+ mode is the ideal light therapy setting to enhance the body’s recovery process after a workout or injury. It’s also an ideal way to use light therapy to support the body's natural inflammation process.

Recovery+ mode builds on emerging science that shows the major positive effects of pulsed NIR light on the body’s cellular functions. [1,2] Research points to a brief “quench period” that takes place in the cells when NIR light is pulsed. Although it lasts only a few milliseconds, this short pause makes a big difference, allowing cells that are under oxidative stress to respond even better to light. [2]

To understand why pulsed light and a cellular “quench period” are important, think about working out. If you do multiple strenuous workouts every single day, you’re more likely to get worn down and suffer an injury because you aren’t giving your body and cells the time they need to recover and regenerate. It’s a similar principle with pulsed light: short intervals between wavelengths gives your cells and tissues the time they need to adapt and respond better to the next interval of NIR light.

Recovery+ Joovv Solo 3.0

The World’s Best Trust Recovery+ Mode from Joovv

We believe Recovery+ mode is the future of fitness and recovery technology, and we’re not alone. The promise of pulsed NIR light is one reason why so many pro athletes and teams use Joovv. Like the San Francisco 49ers, who installed Joovv systems in their facilities so players can optimize their recovery process after grueling football games. You can see some of the other elite professionals using Joovv and Recovery+ to enhance their health on our community page.

The Difference Between Red and NIR Light

Red light (in the mid-600nm range) and NIR light (in the mid-800nm range) are the wavelengths in the light spectrum that have been found to be the most beneficial to human health. [3] Generally, red light is most effective for surface concerns like skin health, while NIR light penetrates deeper into the body. Joovv devices give you the power to use either or both, and Recovery+ gives you the added advantage of pulsed NIR light that may have an even greater positive impact on the body’s recovery process.

For a basic overview of how light and wavelengths work, check out this post.

What Frequencies Does Recovery+ Mode Deliver?

Joovv has engineered a formula that’s specifically designed for recovery, delivering NIR light at 10hz.

Joovv and the Bright Future of Red Light Therapy

Joovv devices are on the cutting-edge of recovery technology, and Recovery+ mode is the new industry standard for using light to enhance cellular performance and overall health. But that’s no reason to stop improving. Innovation is in Joovv’s DNA. We are hard at work with our clinical partners to continue conducting advanced research into the most effective ways to deliver light and enhance recovery.

With innovations like Recovery+ mode, Joovv will continue to push the boundaries of light therapy and optimal health, so our customers and partners can live their best lives. 

You can see Recovery+ products here.


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