Joovvin’ with Sal Di Stefano

Joovvin’ with Sal Di Stefano

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Sal Di Stefano

Sal Di Stefano is a globally recognized fitness expert and the co-host of the highly acclaimed fitness podcast, Mind Pump. Sal, along with the Mind Pump team, has been a longstanding partner with Joovv. As fitness is a popular topic this time of year, we're thrilled to gain valuable insights from one of the industry's foremost experts.

In your experience, what are some common mistakes people make when starting their fitness journey, and how can they avoid them? 

The biggest mistake people make is trying to do too much, too quickly. Ask yourself what's the one thing you can do and maintain for the rest of your life.  Another mistake is people don’t hire a trainer, which I believe is the most valuable thing you can do.

Many people struggle with staying consistent in their fitness routines. What do you believe are the primary reasons people find it hard to stay on track, and how can they overcome these challenges?

People rely on being “feeling motivated” and it's just a feeling that may eventually pass. It's best to develop a positive relationship with exercise. Do it because you care about yourself and not because you hate yourself.

Nutrition myths are abundant in the fitness industry. What are some common misconceptions you've encountered, and how can individuals navigate through the noise to make informed dietary choices? 

The single most important step anyone can take is to avoid heavily processed foods. Another suggestion is to try eating your body's target weight (in grams) of protein. Start there, everything else is just noise. 

Finding the right balance between cardio and strength training can be challenging. What advice do you have for individuals trying to strike that balance for optimal results? 

If you have limited time just focus on strength training, I have a book called The Fitness Revolution and it's all about strength training and why it's so important. For cardio, try mixing in a daily walk. 

With over 2000 Mind Pump podcasts to date, are there any topics where your initial stance was firm, but over time, your views have evolved or shifted?

I didn’t realize just how crucial it is to eat a high-protein diet. I knew protein was very important, but I placed way too much emphasis on fasting. 

Over the past 10 years, recovery routines have undergone significant changes. How would you weigh the importance of a well-established recovery protocol in relation to the actual training process? 

Sal Di Stefano with Joovv Solo

There are lots of new ways to boost recovery nowadays including using a Joovv, which we love. Despite all the new advancements, a staple recovery routine still starts with training appropriately and prioritizing good sleep. 

The research on red light therapy continues to evolve in exciting ways with new discoveries happening every year. Is there a recent study or finding that stands out to you?

Yes, I was blown away by the recent study on red light therapy and blood glucose levels. Very cool to see the potential to improve insulin sensitivity. 

As we look ahead to 2024, can you share any upcoming plans or exciting developments on the horizon for Mind Pump that we should be aware of? 

Yes, we are focusing on trainers and coaches and helping them become more successful.  We actually just launched a new training program for trainers last month and are very excited. 

Ok, let's have some fun on the last two questions. Out of the 4 of you, which circumstance best matches up with each personality and why? 

Works out on Christmas: This is probably me, I never miss a workout. 

Can't stop eating treats when they're on the kitchen counter: Adam, he has a sweet tooth. 

Always has a good conspiracy theory to share: Justin, he has so many we can’t keep up.

If there's only one Joovv at the office, who's most likely to do the following? 

Do multiple treatments in a day: Doug our producer, he’s religious about using the Joovv, especially at home. 

Take it home for their wife: This is Justin for sure. 

Hide it and keep it for themself: Adam, he always loves the new things Joovv comes out with. 

Take a selfie while Joovvin’:  The guys say this is me because they say “Anytime I can take my shirt off I will”. (Not true!)


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