Expand Your Joovv 3.0

Our patented modular design makes it easy to expand your Joovv experience.

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How to Expand Your Joovv
(existing customers only)

Step 1. Choose Your Expansion

Use this Expansion Guide to find which expansion path is best for you!

Step 2. Start Your Expansion

Complete the expansion request form and choose your desired setup

Step 3. Complete Your Expansion

One of our specialists will reach out to assist you with completing your expansion. Start Expansion


Joovv’s modular design allows you to build a larger, more effective light therapy device, over time. Expanding your Joovv is adding another panel/panels to your setup to create a larger treatment area. Additional hardware is required. 

Generation 2.0 and 3.0 devices are not compatible, therefore cannot be support or combined as an upgrade configuration.

Bundle discount pricing is now automatically applied with every expansion sale containing multiple device configurations. This bundle discount previously only applied to new purchases but is now available for qualifying expansions!

Joovv's modular system includes the Door Mount System 3.0, Nano Wall System 3.0, and Mobile Stand 3.0. These accessories have been designed to provide our customers with the ability expand over time. If you currently own a Mini Stand 3.0 or Boot Floor Stand 3.0 kit, you can still expand your device by expanding to a modular accessory. Please fill out the Expansion Form for additional assistance.  

Generation 2.0 devices are no longer in production and are discontinued from expansions.

Expansion orders do not include eyewear, however this item can be added to our custom invoice, per request, at an additional cost.