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This product is very impressive: it offers many health benefits, and is easy to use and transport. I even bring it to my friends when they have any pain or discomfort, and we are Joovvin’ while chatting :) I bought it before my oral surgery to enhance the healing of my jaw. That has healed perfectly, and I started using it before going to sleep for better sleep, and noticed great improvement not only in sleep but energy levels when I wake up.

— Tanja M. | Impressive

"I love using my joovv light for so many reasons! I use it at night during my wind down or during meditation. It helps me sleep so much better. I’ve been using the light directly on my throat to help with my hypothyroidism. I also love the ambient feature in the evenings when I just need a little zen in the room. Love it! So easy to use with the app!"

— Michelle S. | Sooo relaxing!

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