Getting Started In 3 Easy Steps

Joovv Basics in 3 Easy Steps

Learn the Basics

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Independently Certified

Class ll Medical Device

Original Design

1. Choose Your Treatment Size

Joovv treatment size options are divided into three different coverage size options.

Small Coverage

The Go and Mini target a relatively small area on the body, making it ideal for spot treating various areas such as sore muscles, achy joints, and more.

Reasons to Choose

  • Targeted treatments
  • Convenient size and handling
  • Portability

How Long Are Treatments?

10 minutes per treatment area. For treating larger areas, moderate or full-body devices are recommended.


Go 2.0
Mini 3.0

2. Learn About the Setup Options

Choose from the following setup options based on what best fits your personal needs and home.

Single Device Accessories

The Mini Stand and Boot Floor Stand are sleek and versatile to allow for the perfect treatment in just about any room of your home.

Door Mount System

The Door Mount system safely secures your device or devices to your door.
Oversized-Door Kit sold separately.

Nano Wall System

The Nano wall system safely secures the device or devices to your wall.

3. Plan Your Expansion Path

If you're planning to expand your Joovv over time, keep these helpful tips in mind.

Tips for Expanding Later

Start with the right accessory

When it comes to choosing which device or kit to start with, it’s important to consider which device kit you may wish to expand to in the future. To help make this easier, we’ve created an Expansion Guide that provides an overview of each expansion path, based on your starting point.

Should you start with the Mini or Solo?

Determining how you’d like to use your Joovv in the long run will also help when selecting your initial setup. All modular devices are expandable up to a full-body kit with a modular accessory. If you’re starting with a small or moderate size and plan to expand, we recommend starting with a modular setup option.

If I expand to a full-body kit, can I use devices individually?

Yes! If you’re expanding from a single device with a stand, our mounting systems allow you to remove a single device from your expansion to use with the stand included in your initial purchase. This allows you to switch between targeted and full-body treatments when it works for you.

How do I expand later?

When you’re ready to expand your qualifying device, visit our Expansion Page to submit a request. A helpful specialist will review your request, provide your options, and set up a custom order that includes all the necessary components.

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