Q&A with Team Joovv: Technical Product Questions

Q&A with Team Joovv: Technical Product Questions

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In this article, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that our team receives about our devices. From questions related to our wavelengths, to eye protection guidelines, we hope you will find these responses both informative and beneficial. Here we go!

Why does Joovv use only two wavelengths instead of multiple?

We've carefully chosen to focus on just two wavelengths—red light (660nm) and near-infrared light (850nm)—for our light therapy devices, and here's why it matters. By honing in on these specific wavelengths, we're able to target proven therapeutic effects and optimize the power distribution to each, ensuring maximum efficacy in every treatment session. This means that whether you're seeking superficial skin rejuvenation or deep tissue repair, you can trust that our devices deliver the right amount of light energy exactly where you need it.

What testing have Joovv devices undergone to ensure safety?

Our latest generation devices are all independently tested by third parties and marked for safety by Intertek. We’re proud that our devices contain the (c ETL us) safety mark, which assures the entire Joovv product line conforms to all the applicable 60601-1 safety standards. We are committed to providing the best red light therapy on the market and stand behind all of our products no matter the generation. Check out the Joovv Difference Page for more details. 

Does higher power irradiance in red light therapy devices equal better results?

Higher power does not equal superior results. Power is an important characteristic of LED red light therapy devices, but it's not always the case that more power is better. There is a threshold at which our cells cannot absorb more energy. When that threshold is exceeded the therapy can be ineffective. The key behind red light therapy is delivering non-invasive energy to the cell that can be absorbed without overheating, not delivering the most power in general. It's also important that any devices delivering excess power have the proper safety testing done by independent laboratories in order to determine the level of safety. For more on power and misleading claims click here.

Why don't the Generation 3.0 power cords include a ground prong?

Joovv products have been designed for in-home use, which implies a higher standard of safety requirements, as users are assumed to be untrained and unsupervised when operating the equipment. As in-home medical devices, our products have Class II protection from electrical shock. To give you peace of mind, all Generation 3.0 devices are double insulated, eliminating the need for an earth ground pin on the power cord. This design feature adds an extra layer of safety to your experience. Joovv products are listed with Intertek and include a Classified ETL mark for the United States and Canada that proves conformity to all applicable standards for their intended use. You can check out Joovv’s product listing by clicking here.

Do Joovv devices emit EMF’s?

Yes. Like all electrical devices, Joovv devices emit levels of EMF. We take your safety and well-being seriously. That’s why our devices are designed to meet the highest standards of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) guidelines. We understand the importance of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and how they relate to overall compatibility. You can trust that our devices adhere to the stringent AAMI STM ES60601-1 standard, which ensures compliance with medical standards. This commitment to quality and safety is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the best possible experience. Learn more here.

Why do Joovv devices use Bluetooth, and can it be turned off?

Our Generation 3.0 and Go 2.0 devices utilize Bluetooth in order to pair together and connect to the Joovv Mobile App. You do have the ability to turn Bluetooth on and off and can easily pair Generation 3.0 device kits using our provided hardwire pairing kit, per the user manual instructions. Please note, the Joovv Go 2.0 must connect to the Joovv Mobile App in order to change light modes and customize treatment sessions.

Do I need to use eye protection with Joovv red light therapy?

This will depend on which generation of Joovv device that you own. Protective eyewear is included with Generation 3.0 and Go 2.0 devices and should be used whenever near infrared (NIR) is active and the eyes are within the treatment window, which is the surface area of the device. For more information related to eye protection guidelines click here.

Can Joovv devices be used in a Sauna?

For electrical safety reasons, none of the Joovv devices should be used in a sauna. As sauna treatments are a stress to the body similar to exercise, and red light therapy delivers energy your cells use for recovery, utilizing both therapies at the same time could be compared to eating while running. We recommend using a Joovv device after your sauna session to help your body recover. Check out this article for more information

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