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Go next-level with the most optimized light therapy available

“The Joovv Go puts the power of light therapy in the palm of your hand.”

“For me, the biggest thing for my skin care is the Joovv light.” Duncan Keith, NHL Champion

“GQ 2020 Fitness Award” Joe Holder, GQ Creative Director of Your Better Self

“It is now a daily habit. Flip on my Joovv and get my red light on.” Ben Greenfield

“An incredibly easy-to-use red-light-therapy device, you can bring all of the benefits of this treatment to your own home.”

Power Up Your Business With Joovv


Traditionally, Red light therapy beds were the only option for full-body exposure. Thanks to Joovv's innovation of the first full-body panel back in 2017, full-body treatments can now be an affordable therapy option for commercial facilities to incorporate into their business.
Joovv’s unique hardware options allow for complete flexibility when it comes to installation. Attach your Joovv system to the wall or free-standing with the mobile stand. Each setup option requires minimal spacing and a standard 110/120v outlet for simple implementation.Professionals around the world such as the San Francisco 49ers are using Joovv to optimize health and performance. Take a peek inside the Joovv recovery room.

Optimize Health & Wellness

Red light therapy offers robust benefits for clients

Hands Free

Free up staff hands to assist additional clients

Grow Your Business

Attract new patients with affordable red light therapy

Ease of Use

Quick startup with simple implementation

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What Other Professionals are Saying?

“We implemented the Joovv system into our practice because it’s the best full-body device on the market. From Odell Beckham, Jr. to Dwayne Wade to Julio Jones, I make sure all of my clients are using the Joovv on a consistent basis.”*

Dr. Patrick Khaziran | Founder, Sports Rehab LA

"We couldn't be happier with the decision to incorporate Joovv into our practice. We have a dedicated light therapy room that houses our complete Joovv system, allowing for true 360-degree coverage. Our clients call it the "Miami" room and love going in as often as possible. People often tell us how their long-term pain has gone away. Many others have commented on how they look and feel younger. The Joovv system has been an indispensable addition to our wellness facility in terms of both client satisfaction and economic upside."

Tom Taylor | Founder, US Cryo Salt Lake

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