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Take a closer look at Joovv and the world of light therapy.

Red Light Therapy for Improving Brain Health an...

How light therapy enhances cognitive functions like memory & learning.

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How to Use a Joovv

Treatment guidelines & FAQs about using your Joovv.

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Red Light Therapy for Muscle Growth and Peak Ph...

Training with red light therapy improves physical performance.

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How to Understand Joovv's Modular Light Therapy...

A look at the features of Joovv’s unique modular design.

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Treating Inflammation and Pain with Red and Nea...

Red light therapy’s natural anti-inflammatory effects.

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Light Therapy Shows Promise for Boosting Sex Dr...

Men are seeing increased fertility & sex drive with light therapy.

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Leading Light Therapy Researcher Explains LED F...

Leading light therapy researcher answers FAQs.

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Deuterium: What it is, How to Get Rid of it, an...

Learn the basics of deuterium and how to get rid of it.

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The Potential of Light Therapy for Treating Bra...

Light therapy research shows positive results for TBI & CTE.

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How Red Light Helps You Sleep Better

Light plays a huge role in our sleep cycle. Natural red light is ideal.

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Measuring the Power of Light Therapy Devices

How to compare power data for Joovv versus other devices.

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World-Famous Trainer Charles Poliquin Shares 8 ...

In this special guest post written by Charles R. Poliquin, the world-famous strength coach shares 8 tips you can...

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