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Take a closer look at Joovv and the world of light therapy.

Red Light Therapy for Healing Injuries, Wounds,...

Red light therapy is a safe, natural way to speed up the healing process and lower pain and inflammation for burns, w...

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Joovvin’ with Sanne Wevers, Gold Medal Gymnast

In this special guest post written by Dutch gymnast Sanne Wevers, the world’s reigning gold medalist in women’s bala...

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Red Light Therapy for Stroke Recovery

Recent research is showing red light therapy can be an effective, natural treatment for stroke-related muscle spastic...

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Red Light Therapy Improves the Healing of Bone ...

Clinical research is showing positive results for red light therapy and bone health, especially for the treatment and...

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How to Choose Your Joovv

Choosing the best Joovv for you and your health needs.

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Why Device Size and Coverage Area are Critical ...

Size matters for red light therapy devices. So does coverage.

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Research Shows Red Light Therapy May Aid Memory...

Research on red light therapy and Alzheimer’s & dementia is promising.

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Red Light Therapy for Improving Brain Health an...

How light therapy enhances cognitive functions like memory & learning.

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How to Use a Joovv

Treatment guidelines & FAQs about using your Joovv.

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Red Light Therapy for Muscle Growth and Peak Ph...

Training with red light therapy improves physical performance.

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How to Understand Joovv's Modular Light Therapy...

A look at the features of Joovv’s unique modular design.

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Treating Inflammation and Pain with Red and Nea...

Red light therapy’s natural anti-inflammatory effects.

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