Thriving Through Fall and Winter With Joovv Red Light Therapy

Thriving Through Fall and Winter With Joovv Red Light Therapy

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The fall and winter months are filled with joyful holidays and cherished family gatherings. While this time of year holds a special place in our hearts, it can also present certain challenges as the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, potentially impacting our well-being. In this article, we will dive into these challenges and discover how Joovv can serve as a solution to help us overcome them.

Understanding the Season Changes From Summer to Fall & Winter

As late June approaches, we begin to notice a decrease in sunlight due to the Earth's axial tilt. This gradual shift brings shorter days, longer nights, and a decline in the warmth of sunlight. Additionally, in the fall and winter months clouds become more prevalent, influenced by temperature variations, wind patterns, and oceanic factors.

All of these gradual changes ultimately lead to a shift from the sunny and clear skies of summer to the chilly and overcast days of fall and winter. [1]

How Do Shorter Days and Colder Weather Impact Health?

The shift from summer to fall offers a welcome relief from intense heat and humidity, and the refreshing coolness in the air can be revitalizing. However, as colder temperatures take hold and we spend more time indoors, certain health issues may arise.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): SAD symptoms can vary, but a common experience is a decrease in overall energy due to reduced exposure to sunlight.

Disrupted Circadian Rhythms: With shorter daylight hours, we are exposed to more artificial bright light, which can disturb our natural sleep patterns, leading to lower sleep quality.  

Joint Pain: Several factors contribute to increased joint discomfort in fall and winter, including the expansion of bodily tissues in colder weather, and reduced physical activity leading to stiffness. [2]

Dry Skin: colder air holds less moisture which means the air is a lot dryer. Dry air environments naturally lead to dry flaking skin.

Lower Immunity (cold and flu season): A lack of sunlight exposure has always been associated with lower immunity, however, research now shows that colder temperatures also alter immunity in the nose, which makes us more susceptible to viruses. [3]

How Can Joovv Red Light Therapy Optimize Your Health During the Fall and Winter?

Utilizing the potential of red and near infrared light to optimize cellular function can yield a wide range of systemic benefits for overall health. While consistent exposure to red light therapy is advantageous at all times, prioritizing treatments becomes increasingly valuable during the fall and winter months.

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Elevating Mood and Resilience through Near Infrared Light: As daylight diminishes, the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) start to emerge. Scientific studies have showcased the efficacy of infrared light in diminishing SAD symptoms. 

Enhancing Sleep Quality with Ambient Mode: Joovv's Ambient Mode offers a solution to combat the prevalence of disruptive bright blue light by utilizing low-intensity red light. This gentle transition into the day makes it particularly beneficial for those who wake up early. Furthermore, when used at night, this setting promotes relaxation and helps align with the natural day-night rhythm, facilitating a smoother adjustment.

Alleviating Joint Pain and Arthritis: Supported by an extensive body of peer-reviewed clinical research, red light therapy proves to be a safe and effective treatment for various joint pain and inflammation issues.

Promoting Radiant and Healthy Skin: Beyond facial applications, red light therapy promotes skin health throughout the entire body. Skin cell mitochondria can absorb red and near infrared light, enhancing energy production (ATP) and stimulating the synthesis of pro-collagen, collagen, basic fibroblast growth factors (bFGF), and fibroblast proliferation.

Amplifying Cellular Function and Immunity: Red and near infrared light elevates cellular energy production by boosting ATP synthesis. Enhanced cellular function contributes to robust immune system support, fostering overall well-being.

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Conclusion: Joovv Helps Optimize Health During the Fall and Winter

Don’t let the fall and winter weather get you down. Instead, make the most of it by incorporating red light into your daily routine. Joovv offers a range of devices that can enhance your cellular function and circadian rhythms, offering support for a wide range of health issues during the cold and cloudy season.

If you're interested in getting started with Joovv, but unsure about which device is suitable for you, visit this page to learn about the basics and explore the different setup options available.