Joovv and Protective Eyewear

Joovv and Protective Eyewear

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With the release of the Joovv Generation 3.0 and Go 2.0 devices, you may have noticed that we now provide protective eyewear. In this article we explain why eyewear is included, when it's recommended to wear them and when it’s okay not to. 

Before we get started

If you have a device from one of our previous generations, these guidelines will not apply to your Joovv. Our recommendation to treat without eyewear has not changed for Legacy or Generation 2.0 Modular devices or the first generation Go (Red or NIR). 

Why is eyewear included?

​Like all next-gen products, there are always advancements in technology. Joovv’s Generation 3.0 and Go 2.0 devices deliver a higher intensity due to having superior optics. Having been tested and found to comply with the limits set forth in IEC 62471 standards for Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems, these devices are categorized under Risk Group 1 (Low Risk)*. They are labeled to include a caution statement that informs the user that NIR is emitted from the device and the user/operators should not stare at the light source during operation. 

*Check out our Safety Article to learn more about IEC 62471 and Joovv safety certifications. 

So what does this mean for me?

Protective eyewear is included and should be used whenever the NIR mode is active and the eyes are within the beam window, which is the surface area of the device. This includes the following light modes - Red + NIR, NIR only, and Recovery+

What is the beam window?

It's important to keep in mind, the beam window is directly in front of the surface of the device (size of your device) at the recommended treatment distance. 

Can I treat without protective eyewear?

When NIR mode is active, if your eyes are outside the treatment area you do not need to wear eyewear. This will depend on the size of device you are using and the area you are treating. 

Joovv Go 2.0
Joovv Solo 3.0

Eyewear is not necessary when the device is set to Red mode only. If you have any concerns on treating your eyes with the Red (660nm) wavelength, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider or optometrist.

Joovv Go 2.0


Additionally, there is no need for eyewear when using your Joovv as an alternative lighting source with Ambient Mode selected.

What if others are in the room while I am treating?

We do not recommend that children, pets or others look directly into the beam window if they are within the treatment distance and the device is set to a mode where eyewear is required. However, if they are outside of the beam window, eyewear is not required.

Can I purchase additional eyewear?

We do provide the option to purchase additional pairs by custom invoice. If interested, please contact us at for assistance. 


We hope this information has been helpful and provides more understanding on Joovv’s guidelines for protective eyewear. Our team is always researching new ways to enhance the overall experience of light therapy, and we are committed to product safety to assure peace of mind for all past, current and future customers.