Joovv is the Official Light Therapy Partner of the San Francisco 49ers

Joovv is the Official Light Therapy Partner of the San Francisco 49ers

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Joovv is proud to be the Official Light Therapy Partner of the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL, and the first light therapy company to team up with a pro sports team. The 49ers are one of the greatest franchises in sports history, and Joovv is honored to be a part of their winning formula. 

The Joovv Recovery Room in Levi’s Stadium

The centerpiece of our partnership is the new Joovv Recovery Room inside Levi’s Stadium. The Joovv Recovery Room is located next to the 49ers locker room, so players can use Joovv devices for optimal performance and recovery before and after home games. The 49ers are the first pro sports franchise to build a dedicated light therapy recovery space, and every Joovv device will feature the cutting-edge Recovery+ Mode.

Here’s a look at the new Joovv Recovery Room in Levi’s Stadium:

49ers Joovv Recovery Room #1

49ers Joovv Recovery Room #2

How do the San Francisco 49ers Use Joovv?

Joovv has become a central component of the 49ers training regimen. The 49ers training staff uses Joovv light therapy with their players every day, for a wide range of performance, recovery, and general health and wellness benefits.

“Light therapy allows us to treat the entire body with the extremely valuable resource of healthy light,” said 49ers Director of Functional Performance, Elliot Williams. “Using Joovv has proven to help our athletes with inflammation, increase cellular regeneration, and aid in sleep optimization, three main aspects of recovery that ensure our players are at their best for gameday. With us, the saying holds true: when you feel good, you play good. Joovv light therapy helps us all feel our best day in and day out.”

49ers Joovv Recovery Room #3

49ers Joovv Recovery Room #4

After finding success with Joovv devices in their facilities, 49ers personnel have added devices to their homes too. “I use a Joovv device with my family,” said Elliot Williams. “My kids love the light, and I think it’s a great addition to anyone’s daily wellness routine. You don’t have to be a pro athlete to see the benefits.”

Check out Joovv’s Science Page to learn more about how light therapy promotes better health and performance.

Joovv Teamed Up with the 49ers at the Start of their 2019 Super Bowl Season

The 49ers trust Joovv’s light therapy systems for recovery and performance because their players and training staff have seen the results. The 49ers implemented Joovv into their training and recovery protocols at the beginning of the 2019 NFL season, after winning just 4 games the previous year. The team turned everything around in 2019, going 13-3 in the regular season and winning the NFC championship en route to a Super Bowl appearance. The 49ers didn’t want to be without their Joovv devices at the Super Bowl in Miami, so they set up a Joovv station at the team hotel. The 49ers have seen great results with Joovv, and their training staff believes red light therapy is the future of recovery technology.

The Future of Joovv and Light Therapy is Bright! 

Joovv’s exclusive partnership with the San Francisco 49ers signifies how crucial healthy light is for athletic performance and recovery, but also for overall health and wellness. The 49ers are ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and performance, but you can expect more teams, organizations, and health-conscious individuals to follow their example and implement light therapy into their daily routines.