Joovv's Next Generation Difference

Joovv's Next Generation Difference

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Comparing Joovv’s New Generation 3.0 with Generation 2.0

Joovv recently announced our next generation of light therapy devices: Joovv 3.0. The new generation, and our existing Generation 2.0 devices both deliver the same healing power of light, but we’ve made some exciting new improvements to make your light therapy sessions even better. It’s the same Joovv, with a new, upgraded experience.

In this article, we’ll explain the similarities and differences between Joovv’s new Generation 3.0 light therapy devices, and our existing Generation 2.0 devices.  

Next Generation Difference Chart #1

 Same Great Joovv

Our Generation 2.0 and 3.0 modular devices are engineered from the same core foundation that has made Joovv the most trusted brand for in-home light therapy. Here’s what you can count on from both Joovv product lines:

  • Red, NIR, or Both For Better Health: Both generations deliver the option to use Red, Near Infrared (NIR) or both wavelengths for your skin and cells. These wavelengths are designed to support better cellular function, healthy skin, enhanced recovery, and optimized sleep. In both, red light is delivered at 660 nm and NIR is delivered at 850 nm. Check out our Science page to learn more.
  • Modular Design: Both generations feature Joovv’s patented modular Design, configured from our signature Joovv Mini and Joovv Solo devices. This includes high-quality LEDs, a built-in control panel on the devices, and optional Bluetooth compatibility for use with the Joovv app.
  • 60-Day Return Period and 2-Year Warranty: Whether you go with Generation 3.0 or 2.0, your purchase is backed by a 2-year warranty and features a 60-day return period. You’ll also get the same friendly Joovv customer service to help with your light therapy needs.
  • Flexible Financing Options: For all Joovv devices, we offer flexible payment options, like 0% APR financing through Affirm* (U.S. only). We also offer easy split payments through Splitit. For more information on available offers, please visit our finance page.
  • The Joovv Community: All Joovv users are part of the Joovv community, which includes researchers, health experts, world-class trainers, pro athletes, and everyday achievers using healthy light to live their best lives. Check out our community page to see who else uses Joovv. 

The Joovv Generation 3.0 Difference

Our new Generation 3.0 devices have been re-engineered inside and out to bring you the most effective and convenient light therapy treatments. These devices take our existing Generation 2.0 to the next level. Here’s a look at the upgrades the Generation 3.0 devices offer with the Joovv Mini 3.0 and the Joovv Solo 3.0:

Next Generation Difference Chart #2

  • Upgraded Design: The new Joovv Mini 3.0 and Joovv Solo 3.0 are re-designed to be lighter, sleeker, and easier to use. The new devices feature a polycarbonate alloy frame that is up to 25% lighter than our Generation 2.0 products. They also include convenient carrying handles, so you can easily move your device from room-to-room or take it with you on the go.
  • Versatile New Mounting and Setup Options: Generation 3.0 devices are more versatile, thanks to convenient new setup and mounting options like a stand, a floor boot, lightweight wall mounting, and a door hanger. We’ve re-designed Generation 3.0 to fit just about any space in your home. Check out the new Mini 3.0 setup options here. See the new Solo 3.0 setup options hereGeneration 2.0 Devices: 
    • Boot Floor Stand Retro-Fit : Allows the Generation 2.0 Solo to be used independently from your door. More details here.
  • Greater Treatment Range: With the re-engineered optics of Generation 3.0, you can sit or stand up to 16-24 inches from the device during a treatment. That’s a lot more flexible than the 4-6 inches we recommend for our Generation 2.0 devices.
  • Recovery+ Mode: Joovv’s new devices feature Recovery+ mode, the cutting-edge of recovery technology. Recovery+ uses pulsed NIR light to optimize the body’s natural recovery processes, making it ideal for post-exercise treatments and healing. Learn more about Recovery+ mode here
  • Ambient Mode: Generation 3.0 also includes Ambient mode, a new feature designed to optimize sleep and support healthy circadian rhythms. Ambient mode uses lower-intensity red light, ideal for nighttime and morning use, and a great alternative to bright blue light. Learn more about Ambient mode here. (Ambient mode requires the Joovv app.)
  • Greater Light Output and Superior Optics and Power: Generation 2.0 delivers up to 68.6 Watts. The new Generation 3.0 devices deliver up to 75 Watts. Generation 3.0 also has better optics for greater power output, with less consumption. This helps achieve 4x the treatment distance with more balanced light distribution.
    • Start/Stop Dimming: Only Generation 3.0 features start/stop dimming that lets you start the device with softer light before ramping up to full intensity. You can also ramp down at the end of a treatment, from highest intensity to lower intensity light.
    • Session Beeper: Generation 3.0 includes a new session beeper that helps you track your in-progress treatments. For example, you can program the beeper to alert you when your treatment is halfway over, so you can easily reposition your body in front of the device. This helps ensure even light distribution and full-body benefits.
    • Eyewear Included: When you purchase a new Joovv Mini 3.0 or Joovv Solo 3.0, we’ll include eyewear for use with NIR light. Please note, Generation 2.0 devices do not require eyewear.  

      We hope you’ll love the Generation 3.0 devices! If you’re curious which Joovv is best for you and your health goals, take this short quiz.