Leading Skincare Professionals Use Red Light Therapy for Skin Health and Rejuvenation

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Red light therapy is one of the safest, most effective natural skin treatments available, and Joovv’s devices are used every day by some of the top professionals in the world for skin health and rejuvenation.

Hollywood’s Leading Skincare Pros Use Joovv for Their Celebrity Clients

Some of the best skincare pros in the world use Joovv for themselves and their clients. Like Shani Darden, one of the top estheticians in Hollywood, with celebrity clients like Jessica Alba.

Red light therapy is one of my best tools for naturally improving skin tone & texture, and reducing fine lines & wrinkles. I absolutely love Joovv because their full-body devices can treat your entire body at one time. If you want to look younger and feel better, I can't recommend Joovv enough.*
joovv Shani Darden

Shani Darden

Celebrity Esthetician and Founder of Shani Darden Skin Care

Joovv Red Light Therapy for the Red Carpet

Celebrities are taking note from their estheticians, and using Joovv red light therapy for healthier, younger looking skin in their own homes, and especially before big events. Shape Magazine wrote a story about Bella Hadid and other stars at the Met Gala 2019 using Joovv skin treatments to get ready for the red carpet.

Joovvin’ in Hollywood isn’t a secret anymore. Sophia Bush, Matt Bomer, and other stars are Joovvin’ every day to keep their skin beautiful on and off the screen. Gwenyth Paltrow and Goop’s 2019 conference in Los Angeles included Joovv on their self-care roster for natural skin treatments.

There was also Joovvin’ at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Estheticians Trust Joovv for Youthful Appearance, Acne, and Inflammation

The beautiful complexions we see on screen (and out in the world every day) wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and care of expert estheticians. They’re often the unsung heroes of the beauty world, but no one knows skin better. And the best estheticians trust Joovv.

Like Sheri Flasch, founder of The Esthetician Connection, the largest global community of skincare professionals and vendors. Sheri uses Joovv for herself and her clients, and recommends it to estheticians everywhere:

Joovv red light therapy is a powerful addition to any esthetician’s toolkit. The results you can get in just a few months with a Joovv make for very happy customers and return business. Big improvements with inflammation, complexion, and pigment are the norm for me. I also love that Joovv’s devices are modular, which allows you to build a full-body system over time.*
joovv Sheri Flasch

Sheri Flasch

Founder of The Esthetician Connection

Joovvin’ for the Win at The Skin Games

Joovv is proud to sponsor The Skin Games, an annual, international contest where some of the world’s best skincare pros and estheticians track their clients’ progress and compete in categories like acne treatment and wrinkle reduction.

Melissa Poley is a former Skin Games champ, and a leading American esthetician. She used Joovv in the Skin Games this year and saw big results with her clients:

Melissa competed in the acne category with another client, Tasha, and you can check out her results in this video.

At the start of Skin Games, Tasha had regular acne outbreaks due to hormonal imbalances and chronic inflammation, so she did full-body Joovv treatments in my spa on a weekly basis and then used her in-home device daily throughout the 8 weeks. How did Tasha’s skin look afterward? Ultimately Tasha is the most important judge of that, and she is very happy with the progress!*
joovv Melissa Poley

Melissa Poley

Skin Games Champion

Cherie Callahan is a top esthetician and Skin Games champion too. She’s the owner of Skin Revision Technologies, and she’s seen how Joovv treatments transform her customers’ skin:

Some beauty products are designed to just hide blemishes and aging, but my customers love Joovv because it actually improves their natural skin and appearance by boosting their collagen levels and helping their skin rejuvenate from the inside out.*
joovv Cherie Callahan

Cherie Callahan

Top Esthetician and Skin Games Champion

Beauty Experts Trust Red Light Therapy for Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Huda Beauty wrote a great piece on how Joovv can help reduce cleavage lines and other wrinkles.

So many top estheticians and dermatologists are using Joovv for healthier, younger skin, that the word is getting out. In 2019 alone, Joovv’s natural skin benefits have been covered by Oxygen Magazine, Elle Magazine, Betches, Town & Country, and many others.

Clinical Research Shows Red Light Therapy’s Healing and Rejuvenating Effects on Skin

There’s a large base of peer-reviewed clinical research on red light therapy and skin health. You can read more about that here. These are some of the highlights:

Red Light Rejuvenates Skin, Lessens Wrinkles: Numerous studies show how light therapy counteracts signs of aging in skin. Red and near infrared light has been shown to boost collagen, smooth wrinkles, and enhance skin tone. [1]

A 2017 trial assessed 30 women ages 30-55 who used red light therapy. Researchers concluded that red light therapy “had positive effects on wrinkle and moisture content of adult women's faces.” [2]

Red Light is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Treatment for Skin: Red light therapy alleviates both acute and chronic inflammation by increasing blood flow to the damaged tissues, and it’s been found in numerous clinical trials to increase the body’s antioxidant defenses as well. [3] This natural anti-inflammatory effect of red light therapy, shown in study after study, is a key to its skin healing and appearance-improving effects.

Increases Natural Collagen: In study after study, researchers have measured much higher natural collagen levels in the models and patients treated with natural light, especially with near infrared light. [4,5,6,7]

Faster Skin Healing: Red light promotes new blood vessels and tissue formation, leading to faster overall healing times for all kinds of injuries and wounds. [3,8]

Recovering from Surgery: Numerous studies have shown people recover faster from surgeries, with less pain, when adding red light to their rehab routine. [3]

And that’s just a sample! To see more, check out our full posts on red light and general skin health, and also red light therapy and skin healing.

Are You Ready for Red Light?

Skincare experts and celebrities are using Joovv every day because it works, rejuvenating their skin for a healthier, younger look. And it’s all backed by a large base of clinical research showing that red light therapy is safe, natural, and effective for reducing inflammation and wrinkles, boosting collagen, and rejuvenating skin. If you want to learn everything about the healing power of red light therapy for your skin, here’s an in-depth article. And if you are curious about the other health benefits of red light therapy, check out this article.

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