Joovvin’ with Julianna Peña

Joovvin’ with Julianna Peña

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Mixed martial arts star and former UFC champion, Julianna Peña is at the top of her career and looking to continue her success with the help of red light therapy. We recently chatted with the former champion about her career and recovery routine.  

How did you first get started in mixed martial arts (MMA)?

I first got started in a women's cardio kickboxing class at 19 years old. When I threw my first “official punch”, my coach Rick asked me where I boxed at. I told him I didn’t box, and then he asked me, “who taught you how to punch?” and I told him, “you just did!” I fought all my life being the baby of the family. Having a rough-housing older brother and a big family with lots of cousins, fighting was always something that was instinctual for me. I never had a way to understand it or channel it, until I found Rick's gym, Sikjitsu, 14 years ago in Spokane, Wa and the rest is history!

When you first started out learning MMA did you ever think you’d become a UFC champion?

When I first started, women were not allowed in the UFC. Becoming a UFC World Champion and the first ever woman to win The Ultimate Fighter was really surprising! It’s also been cool to see how popular the sport has become.

Your first professional fight was in 2009. If you could go back and talk to yourself at the beginning of your MMA career, what piece of advice would you give rookie Julianna  Pena?

I would tell rookie Julianna to be careful in the training room. 

You obviously don’t stick around the UFC  as long as you have without successful recovery and rehab techniques. What are some of your go-to strategies for overcoming soreness and nagging injuries?

My go-to strategy starts with getting my daily Joovv light time in. I do 10 minutes daily every morning and sometimes an additional 10 mins at a different angle if I have the time. 

You recently started using the Joovv Quad as part of your recovery program. What kind of benefits have you noticed?

The benefits I’ve noticed the most since starting my Joovv journey are a boost in energy and mood, a decrease in inflammation, and enhanced recovery and skin. 

Have you seen any benefits in using Joovv to recover after fights for healing injuries?

Yes!  I noticed that my muscle soreness goes away faster and my scar is healing quicker. I do feel like it has made a difference in my recovery routine.

Would you recommend Joovv to other UFC fighters or athletes in general?

I would absolutely recommend light therapy not just to UFC or athletes in general, but to EVERYONE! 

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