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Elite Pro Athletes are Using Joovv for its Game-Changing Benefits

Over the last few years, a large number of pro athletes, teams, and world-class trainers have incorporated red light therapy into their daily workout and recovery routines, with pretty incredible results.

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NFL Athletes are Crushing it with Joovv Red Light Therapy

Joovv red light therapy has taken off in the NFL in recent years for muscle recovery and injury rehab, with NFL teams and star players incorporating Joovv into their core workout routines.

Patrick Peterson has made the Pro Bowl in all 7 of his NFL seasons at cornerback with the Arizona Cardinals. He’s one of the most consistently elite athletes in all of sports, and to stay at the top of his game as he nears 30, Peterson incorporated daily, full-body light therapy with Joovv in 2018:

Patrick Peterson
7-time Pro Bowl Cornerback
"My energy level is up, my mental game is much clearer, and the way I sleep & feel is totally different since I implemented Joovv."*

Dallas Cowboys star DeMarcus Lawrence has emerged as one of the NFL’s elite defensive linemen over the last two seasons. He added Joovv red light therapy to his training camp routine and loved how he felt after draining late-summer practices.

Fellow Cowboys D-lineman Tyrone Crawford uses Joovv red light therapy too. Down the road in Houston, Tyrann Mathieu is training with Joovv and anchoring the Texans secondary.

Detroit Lions linebacker Devon Kennard had a string of injuries that limited his playing time over the first few years of his career. But Kennard started training with Joovv on a daily basis in 2017. Now he’s having his best year in 2018, setting a career high in sacks through just the first half of the season.

If you’re more into touchdowns, don’t worry, red light therapy isn’t just for the defense. Chargers star wide receiver Keenan Allen missed the 2016 season with a knee injury before working Joovv into his training in the last few years. Keenan exploded into one of the best pass catchers in football in 2017, making his first Pro Bowl. He’s killing it again in 2018 and leading the Chargers to the playoffs.

Keenan Allen, Patrick Peterson, DeMarcus Lawrence, Tyrann Mathieu, and Devon Kennard are just a sampling of the growing number of NFL players and teams adding Joovv to their core workout routines for muscle recovery, training, energy, and peak physical performance. Joovv has shown especially good results for NFL players overcoming injuries, with guys like Kennard and Allen not just recovering, but surpassing their pre-injury form and putting up career seasons.

UFC Athletes are Recovering Faster with Joovv Light Therapy

TJ Dillashaw is one of the great fighters of the era. He’s the current UFC bantamweight champion, a title he’s holding for the second time now, at 32 years old, in one of the most physically grueling competitions on the planet. TJ uses Joovv every day and wrote a guest post in 2018 about the importance of the recovery phase of training, especially as athletes age and try to stay healthy:

TJ Dillashaw
UFC Bantamweight Champion
“I’m absolutely sold on the recovery benefits of Joovv light therapy and don’t train without it now."*
The International Sports World is Benefiting from Joovv

Players in the MLB, NBA, and NHL are using Joovv too, as are soccer and rugby players around the world. The same is true of elite Olympic athletes.

Lauren Fendrick is one of the best beach volleyball players in the world and she’s Joovvin’ too. Lauren competed for Team USA at the Rio Olympics in 2016, and has her eyes set on 2020 in Tokyo. She talked to Joovv and told us her biggest lesson learned from competing in her first Olympics was that she needed to focus more on recovery. Now Joovv is helping her come back from workouts faster with less injury risk.

Amelia Boone is one of the most decorated obstacle racers of all-time. She tried Joovv red light therapy for rehab after spraining ligaments in her forefoot. Amelia says Joovv made a huge difference and is absolutely clutch for recovery and rehab.

Triathlete and world-class trainer Ben Greenfield swears by Joovv for muscle recovery, sleep, and sex drive. You can see more top trainers and fitness leaders who use and recommend Joovv here.

Lauren Fendrick
Olympic Volleyball Player
"Since using the Joovv, I've noticed a decrease in knee pain and enhanced recovery times. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a safe and easy way to speed up their recovery."*
Is Joovv an “Unfair Competitive Advantage”?

The late great Olympic trainer and strength coach Charles Poliquin told us in mid-2018 that he had all his clients using Joovv red light therapy for muscle recovery and energy. He also mentioned that people in the training and sports worlds have a new dilemma: red light therapy seems to be giving athletes an “unfair competitive advantage”—almost like a performance-enhancing drug, even though red light therapy is completely natural. Advantage, yes. Unfair or unnatural? Definitely not.

Red light therapy has been tested and researched in thousands of clinical trials, with overwhelmingly positive results, and almost no reported side effects.

If you’re interested in the science and clinical research behind how red light therapy fuels muscles for faster recovery, check out this post.

Or this one on red light therapy and testosterone. Or this one about sex and male fertility.

Are You Ready for Red Light?

Professional sports franchises and elite athletes use Joovv red light therapy because it works at the highest levels of physical competition. If you’re trying to recover from injuries, or from draining workouts, red light therapy can work for you too. Same goes for athletic training and better physical performance, whether you’re playing to make the Super Bowl, preparing for a marathon, or just trying to look and feel better and keep pace at the gym or in your intramural league.

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