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Joovv Light Therapy with Ben Greenfield

"Photobiomodulation has a wide range of clinically-proven health benefits. Everything from enhanced muscle recovery to increased testosterone production to improved skin collagen, and much more. After using the Joovv Light for close to 2 years, it's the only light therapy device I'd ever recommend. Give it a try: you won't be disappointed."

Ben Greenfield, Voted America's Top Personal Trainer

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Professional-Grade Power with No EMFs

Built with the latest LED technology, the Joovv Light delivers over 100 mW/cm² with no EMFs at the recommended treatment distance. Superior results in less time - that’s the power of Joovv.

Full-Body Red Light Therapy

Say goodbye to those tiny handheld devices. And say hello to the Joovv Light. Treat your entire body in just a few minutes per day.

Clinically-Proven Wavelengths of Light

Designed to stimulate healthy cellular function, the Joovv Light delivers optimal wavelengths of light at 660 nm and 850 nm.

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Entry Level

Joovv Combo Mini

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Best Value

Joovv Combo Max

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How It Works

  • Hang Your Joovv Light

    Using the custom hook, hang it on the door that’s most convenient for you.

  • Turn the Power On

    It’s super easy. Just flip the green button on and you’re ready to go!

  • Enjoy Red Light Therapy

    Experience the benefits by sitting or standing just a few inches away.

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Buy Now. Pay Later.

We now offer 0% APR financing on all orders with no prepayment penalties. Applying is very easy and doesn't affect your credit score. You'll get a decision from our partner, Bread, in seconds.

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Free Shipping + 60-Day Trial

Every Joovv Light ships free within the domestic U.S. and is backed by our 60-day hassle-free return policy.

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Discover the Science of Red Light Therapy

Similar to the nutrients in whole food, each color of light has its own unique effect on our bodies.

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"Photobiomodulation enhances overall cellular health, equating to a broad range of health improvements across the board. In short fashion, the Joovv Light has helped improve my mood, reduce joint pain from my fibromyalgia, and increase my energy levels. Light therapy has also been shown to aid in muscle recovery, improve skin health, and enhance cognitive function. The Joovv Light is very convenient and incredibly cost-effective. I highly recommend it!"

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Used by the Best

“The Joovv™ Max is an instrumental part of my recovery routine.”

Devon Kennard

Linebacker for the New York Giants

“The Joovv™ Light helps me recover faster and stronger. I love it!”

TJ Dillashaw

UFC Champion

“I'm constantly blown away at how good I feel every time I use my Joovv Light.”

Rachael Finch

Miss Universe Australia

Real Customer Reviews

  • "It has really helped the complexion of my skin after the first 2-3 weeks of usage. Right off the bat, I noticed my circulation improve - there is definitely a nitric oxide boost. Also, I can tell a reduction in musculoskeletal aches and pains. Every household should own one of these lights. I highly recommend this product."

    David B.

  • "I love using the Joovv Light every night. My sleeping has improved tremendously. The skin on my body and face have improved as well. Small skin tags and moles have disappeared. I think my joints are less painful. Injuries heal so much more quickly. I love the Joovv so much I have purchased three for family and friends."

    Kristin K.

  • "I have several variables that compose my integrated wellness program from ischemic release and stretching, self administered joint mobilization, nasal near infrared treatment, and several others. From day to day I sometimes forget, or don't budget the time to get them all in. My Joovv Light sessions are a priority first thing in the morning no matter what. Never miss a day! I love it!!!"

    Aaron D.

  • "I can't express how much I love my Joovv Light. I've seen tremendous improvement in the texture & elasticity of my skin. It works miracles on my sore muscles after strength training, and I've even seen improvements with the fading of spider veins on my legs."

    Catherine K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without getting too far into the weeds, our cells are given an energy boost when they absorb light, specifically red wavelengths at 660 nm and near infrared wavelengths at 850 nm. Studies have shown these wavelengths enable our cells to perform critical functions at a higher level, including ATP production, reducing oxidative stress, removing waste and toxins, collagen production, and tissue repair. If you want to learn more about the science of light therapy, this is a very good place to start.

Both red light at 660 nm and near infrared light at 850 nm have been proven to enhance cellular function.  The main difference is that red light at 660 nm is readily absorbed by skin tissue leading to improved skin health and collagen production.  Near infrared light at 850 nm is invisible to the human eye and penetrates into deeper tissue, leading to benefits like increased muscle recovery and reduced joint pain.

Photobiomodulation (light therapy) and heat therapy (eg. saunas) are quite different in terms of the benefits as well as the mechanisms of action. This in-depth comparison article explains the differences in great detail.

Although infrared heat lamps create a fair amount of radiant heat across a broad range of wavelengths, they are very poor for the purposes of light therapy (photobiomodulation). Not only do they deliver a very small percentage of clinically-proven wavelengths, the irradiance from the heat lamps is incredibly low. For a more thorough analysis, please check out this article.

There are four key considerations when evaluating light therapy devices - wavelengths, irradiance, treatment area, and warranty/durability. Our devices deliver clinically-proven wavelengths within a narrow spectrum of light. In addition, you'll be hard-pressed to find another device that delivers medical-grade irradiance over a broad treatment area. And lastly, the Joovv devices are rated to last 50,000 hours and come with a 2-year warranty. For a more detailed comparison, take a look at this piece.