Tackling Travel Fatigue: How the 49ers Turn to Joovv for Recovery

Tackling Travel Fatigue: How the 49ers Turn to Joovv for Recovery

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When NFL athletes come to mind, we often think of the intense action that unfolds on the field—grueling games filled with heart-stopping moments. NFL players put their bodies through tremendous physical demands, enduring collisions and exertion that leaves an indelible mark. In fact, the toll is so significant that tight end George Kittle, the standout All-Pro from the 49ers, once remarked, “It's like I'm in a car accident every Sunday, like multiple car accidents every Sunday.” (1)

While it's evident that post-game recovery is imperative for these athletes, there's another facet that often remains overlooked: the underlying stress their bodies endure from traveling great distances. Beyond the battles on the field, the act of traveling itself can exact its own toll, warranting a level of recovery that's frequently underestimated.

The Negative Effects of Travel

Anyone who has recently returned from traveling can relate to the feeling of exhaustion. Whether traveling by land, sea, or air, the process takes its toll. Here are a few of the negative effects that can happen as a result of traveling:

Increased Stress: Although it's normal, heightened levels of stress arise on travel day.

Dehydration: This is especially true when flying as airplane cabins contain low humidity levels.

Disrupted circadian rhythms: Traveling typically throws our entire daily rhythm out of whack from when we wake up, eat meals, exercise, and, most importantly, sleep.

Poor sleep: The shift in time zones disrupts the natural rhythm of sleep, a disruption that is exacerbated by the unfamiliar setting of hotel rooms. This is primarily because your body recognizes this new environment as different, causing it to remain more alert and preventing you from achieving deep and restorative sleep.

In its totality, the impact of travel presents a formidable challenge to one's physical well-being, even the most exhilarating journeys can exact a toll.

The San Francisco 49ers Are Putting in the Miles

In the upcoming football season, the San Francisco 49ers are gearing up for an extensive journey on the road. The team is poised to cover an astonishing 30,000 miles throughout the course of the season, a distance that surpasses even the circumference of the entire Earth at 24,901 miles.

2023 Season - Most Miles Traveled Per Team

The total miles traveled are nearly double the distance of last season (16,654), making this year even more challenging. “The impact of traveling is something we take into account every year with the players and optimize around,” said 49ers Director of Functional Performance, Elliott Williams. “This year is going to be more challenging than others, but we will be prepared for it."

49ers Relying on Joovv for Recovery During and After Travel

The 49ers have been incorporating Joovv red light therapy into their recovery protocols for years, and now more than ever they will be relied upon to keep the players energized and recovered.

“Joovv has always been a really big part of what we do, but this year is especially important due to the increased miles we are traveling this year,” said Elliott. “Having the ability for our players to access red light therapy before, during, and after travel is a big key to not only supporting their muscles and joints but also their sleep. Getting a good night of sleep the night before a game is critical, and Joovv is a great tool for that.”

At the team facility, the players utilize several full-body Joovv Elites for daily recovery. The full-body systems allow each player to treat their entire body in a 10 minute session. 

Fred Warner - Elite 3.0

When traveling, the Joovv Go allows for quick and easy access to red light therapy treatments. Players can easily target sore muscles or joints anywhere around the body that need relief. 

Kyle Juszczyk - Go 2.0

49ers + Joovv = World Champions

As the NFL season has begun, the San Francisco 49ers are gearing up to face the daunting challenge of extensive travel. However, with innovations and products like Joovv in their arsenal, they stand primed and prepared to conquer the road ahead.

In the realm of the NFL's intense competition, optimal player health often stands as the differentiator between success and struggle. Joovv is proud to be the Official Light Therapy partner of the 49ers, but most of all, we are thrilled to see our products and innovations aid players' health and performance.

Kyle Juszczyk - Mini 3.0


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