Joovvin with Dr. Troy Van Biezen, Top PGA Tour Trainer

Joovvin with Dr. Troy Van Biezen, Top PGA Tour Trainer

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Dr. Troy Van Biezen is a chiropractor and performance coach who’s been working with elite pro athletes for 20+ years, especially the golfers on the PGA Tour. Dr. Troy is probably best known for his ongoing work with star players like Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Zach Johnson, and others.

The PGA Tour is a week-to-week grind, and Dr. Troy is on the road with his players 30+ weeks a year. That takes a serious toll on your body and sleep, so he’s always looking for better ways to help his players recover from pain and strain, and get full nights of rest.

In this video, Dr. Troy Van Biezen explains why he uses Joovv for himself and his pro golfers, and talks about how Joovv red light therapy has become a go-to on the PGA Tour.

Don’t have time to watch the video? Below are the highlights of Dr. Troy talking about Joovv red light therapy.

Before Dr. Troy Recommended Joovv to His Athletes, He Tried it and Saw Results

Dr. Troy explains that he’s the one who tests a product or technique before he ever recommends it to his pro athletes. “I’m the guinea pig,” he says, and “I’m a skeptical guy.” So he tried Joovv first, and felt a difference in pain and inflammation very quickly. He found Joovvin’ helped him recover from workouts, and he also saw a huge boost in hormone health:

Dr. Troy Saw a Major Testosterone Boost from Joovv

Dr. Troy just turned 50, and does a lot of work with athletes’ hormone health and testosterone. He had his blood work analyzed for his T-levels before and after 8 weeks of red light therapy with his Joovv. Dr. Troy’s total T count jumped over 200 points, and his free count jumped from 19 to 34. And that’s in just two months.

Joovvin' at the Masters

Masters champion Zach Johnson is all about his Joovv, but he’s not the only guy going for a green jacket-red light combo. Dr. Troy said Joovv was lighting up the training room all week at Augusta National this year as golfer after golfer got their red light in before or after rounds.

“There was so much red light going on [in the Augusta National training facility], we called it the red room.”

3 Biggest Benefits Dr. Troy’s Golfers See from Joovv

Elite golfers are Joovvin’ on the PGA Tour and seeing a lot of natural health benefits, but Dr. Troy says the biggest three he counts on week in and week out are: muscle recovery, natural pain and strain relief, and inflammation reduction. All of which keep his golfers on top of their game into the weekends of tournaments.

Dr. Troy also counts on Joovv to help his guys get restful sleep, even as they travel to a new city (or country) almost every week and stay in hotels and rentals.

You can read more about red light therapy’s clinically-proven effects on joint pain and inflammation, or about red light therapy and sleep.

Recovery is More Important than Ever, and Joovv Gives Athletes an Edge

Dr. Troy is a recovery specialist who helps golfers and other athletes manage their bodies in a smarter way, so they can preserve their health and prolong their careers. After 16+ years on the PGA Tour, he said it’s amazing how far recovery has come. 16 years ago, he says most athletes never talked about it beyond an ice pack or stretching. Now, Dr. Troy says athletes are much smarter and more informed about the need to preserve their bodies.

“What excited me about red light was that it helps my guys recover better,” said Dr. Troy. He’s seen the muscle recovery benefits himself, and seen his players come back faster from nagging injuries that affect their swings.

Dr. Troy added that he thinks we’re only at the beginning of a revolution in athletic recovery, and that we’re just starting to see what red light therapy can really do. The PGA has taken notice, with more guys on Tour Joovvin’ every week. Although Joovv isn’t registered with the FDA for all of the benefits that Dr. Troy and his athletes have experienced, they do align with the base of emerging clinical research on light therapy treatments.

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