The Joovv Difference

The Joovv Difference

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The  Differences Between Joovv and Other Light Therapy Companies

We created Joovv to help people thrive and live their best lives. Our mission is to harness the power of light and innovation to make people stronger, more balanced, happier, and healthier. How do we do that? In this article, we’ll explain the Joovv difference: the factors that elevate Joovv above other light therapy brands and why our devices are worth your time and investment.

One of those factors is that we listen to our customers: we’re always looking for ways to make your light therapy experience better based upon your feedback. We believe our products should deliver superior results, and also deliver the best customer experience possible.

Here’s what makes Joovv different from every other light therapy company:

Light Therapy That’s Designed and Engineered for You

Since we founded Joovv, we’ve been designing and engineering light therapy devices to optimize human health. To do that, we think light therapy needs to fit into your lifestyle. We want Joovv devices to be accessible for anyone and everyone, in the comfort of your home.

Since our first generation of devices, we’ve focused on creating the most comfortable and beneficial light therapy sessions. Our patented modular design was created to optimize in-home treatments, with powerful, full body exposure as the ultimate goal. To keep improving, we’re always researching better ways to deliver light, and always listening to our customers. Every generation of Joovv device incorporates user feedback and our current devices have been re-engineered from the inside out so the frame is lighter, the power output is greater, and the optical lenses significantly improved. Now, you can stand up to 24 inches away from the device and still experience the same Joovv benefits. 


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Joovv Believes in Transparency and Honesty

We strive for transparency in everything we do, and we stand by the quality of our products. The critical components that make up our devices are medical grade and are UL listed or contain other Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) safety markings, which ensures their safety and longevity under normal wear and tear.

Unfortunately, many other light therapy companies don’t share our belief in transparency and honesty. Too many brands are sourcing already designed grow lights intended for plant growth and slapping their logo on it. You will notice that a lot of these devices all look the same outside of the devices branding. After completing a thorough review of these devices, they do not comply with the medical device standards yet these companies are claiming them to be class II medical devices listed with the FDA. At Joovv, we put in the work to make the best red light therapy devices, and we stand behind the quality of our products no matter the generation. We invest in our own tooling and engineering and partner with one of the world’s leading manufacturers. When looking for a health product like Joovv you shouldn’t accept anything else.   

Joovv Devices Pass Strict Certification Requirements

The current generation of Joovv devices (Solo 3.0, Mini 3.0, and Go 2.0) have been designed and built following medical devices standards. All Joovv products are independently certified and conform to technical standards put forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Joovv’s Generation 3.0 products can be found listed under the ELT List Mark Directory. Joovv’s CB Test Certificate can be found by searching Joovv as the trademark under the IECEE Deliverable site.  

Joovv Insists on Quality Assurance

Joovv complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) under ISO 13485, which is an internationally recognized standard for organizations involved in the medical device industry. Each Joovv device is independently verified and validated before final packaging to meet light output requirements and safety standards. 

Joovv’s Passion for Light Therapy and Better Health

Joovv was born from a burning desire to balance the body and improve everyday health and wellness. We started by designing a light therapy system for our families and friends, and have grown by bringing the same commitment to our customers and the public. We do this with a dedication to innovation and research, and by listening to our customers.

In the last few years, Joovv has gone beyond just manufacturing great light therapy products. Now we’re actively participating in clinical research to learn more about light and bring those discoveries to you. 

Educating the Public About Light

Joovv is committed to educating consumers about light and natural health. Wavelengths of light are complex, and their effects on human cellular function require an explanation about human biology. We think it’s important to explain the science behind light therapy and demystify the process. Joovv prioritizes education and learning more than any other light therapy brand. We’ve created an entire library of articles about light therapy science to help consumers understand these concepts, and how they relate to their daily lives. 

Conclusion: Joovv Makes Quality Light Therapy Products Specifically Designed for You

Joovv’s ultimate goal is to help you live a healthier, more balanced life through the use of world-class light therapy products. We do this by researching, listening, and learning. If you’ve been a customer, thank you for your trust. If you’re considering Joovv, we’re here to help make your light therapy experience great.

If you have questions or feedback, you can always feel free to email us at We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you live your best life!