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Expand Your Joovv

Our modular design makes it easy to upgrade your Joovv experience.

Joovv Mini

Built with the same Joovv power, the Mini is perfect for targeted treatment. Note: purchased alone, the Mini does not come with a stand or door mounting kit.

Joovv Solo

Purposefully designed, the flagship Joovv is built to unlock all the life-changing benefits of light therapy. Note: purchased alone, the Solo does not come with a door mounting kit.

Mobile Stand

Compatible with the Quad and Elite, the sturdy, sleek Mobile Stand let's you reposition your Joovv wherever you'd like.

Mini Stand

Experience targeted light therapy from any desk or tabletop with the Mini Stand. Note: only compatible with the new, modular Joovv Mini.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to upgrade my current setup?

Thanks to our patent-pending modular design, upgrading your setup couldn’t be easier! Just select the number of Joovvs you want to add to your system as well as your desired mounting option, and we’ll include everything you need to keep Joovvin’!. Click here to get started.

Which Joovv system upgrade is best for me?

We designed the modular system so everyone can experience customized, full-body light therapy. Having a Joovv system that matches your exact body type can help you experience improved results in less time. Why settle for anything less? If you’re ready to upgrade now, click here.

Can I still get access to the bundled pricing discounts?

Absolutely! All upgrades executed within 60 days of your last purchase will qualify for our special bundled pricing. If you’d like to upgrade your Joovv, click here to get the process started.

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