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Treatment Guidelines for Red Light Therapy

First, for detailed questions, please head over to our support page.  You'll find a list of FAQs that you should find helpful.  Having said that, here are 3 of the most common questions we receive regarding the use of red light therapy.  

How long should you use the Joovv Light?

Regardless of the model you purchased, please keep in mind that they all deliver clinical-grade red and/or near infrared light.  Sitting or standing about 10-12" from the device, you should receive about 5 Joules of therapeutic energy within 5-7 minutes, which is optimal based on a multitude of clinical studies.  However, if you're trying to treat a specific "problem" area, we recommend sitting or standing 3-6" from the device for about 8-12 minutes per treatment area.

Can you use it more than once per day?  Sure, but it greatly depends on your own situation.  But consistency is king when it comes to light therapy.  We recommend trying to fit it into your daily routine, even if it's for only a few minutes per day.  If you'd like some personal help, reach out to Melissa - one of our cofounders - and she'll be glad to assist.

How soon can you expect results from the Joovv Light?

This will depend on your symptoms.  Most people will see benefits like pain relief and wound healing very quickly.  While skin health, like reducing wrinkles, can take 8-12 weeks of consistent usage.  If you use your Joovv Light on a daily basis, you should except to see results sooner rather than later.  Diligence is key!  But again, you should only need to use it approximately 5 minutes per day for each area of your body that you'd like to treat.  And 8-10 minutes per day for those "problem areas".

Are there any side effects to using a Joovv Light?

We're not doctors.  Nor do we play them on T.V.  Having said that, there is a significant number of published clinical studies that document virtually no side effects when using red light therapy within an optimal range of wavelengths.  However, the human body is complex.  So if you're concerned about potential side effects, please consult with your physician or healthcare provider.

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