Achieve Healthier, Younger Skin with Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is one of the safest, most effective natural skin treatments available. Used by salons, spas, dermatologists, and beauty experts from around the world, you can now enjoy daily red light therapy sessions in your own home with Joovv’s medical-grade devices.

Top Skincare Professionals Trust Joovv for Skin

Some of the best skincare pros in the world use Joovv for themselves and their clients. Like Shani Darden, one of the top estheticians in Hollywood, with celebrity clients like Jessica Alba.

Red light therapy is one of my best tools for naturally improving skin tone & texture, and reducing fine lines & wrinkles. I absolutely love Joovv because their full-body devices can treat your entire body at one time. If you want to look younger and feel better, I can't recommend Joovv enough.*
joovv Shani Darden

Shani Darden

Celebrity Esthetician and Founder of Shani Darden Skin Care

So many leading estheticians, dermatologists, and Hollywood celebrities are using Joovv for healthier, younger skin, that the word is getting out. In 2019 alone, Joovv’s natural skin benefits have been covered by Oxygen MagazineElle MagazineShapeBetchesTown & Country, and others.

Much of this coverage has focused on the portable Joovv Go, ideal for targeted treatments just about anywhere.

Joovv Red Light Therapy for the Red Carpet

Celebrities are taking note from their estheticians, and using Joovv red light therapy for healthier, younger looking skin in their own homes, and especially before big events. Shape Magazine wrote a story about Bella Hadid and other stars at the Met Gala 2019 using Joovv skin treatments to get ready for the red carpet.

There was also Joovvin’ at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

How Red Light Therapy Naturally Improves Skin Health and Appearance

Red light treatments deliver safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural light to your skin and cells, with no chemicals, UV rays, or excess heat. These red and near infrared wavelengths of light stimulate the mitochondria in your cells similar to natural sunlight, reducing oxidative stress and increasing circulation, so your body can make more core energy to power itself.

When your body can make energy more efficiently, it improves physical function, speeds the healing process, and lowers inflammation & pain, as demonstrated in numerous peer-reviewed studies. [1] It also significantly improves skin health and appearance, which is why it’s become such a go-to for skin care pros and celebs.

Red Light is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Skin

Red light therapy alleviates both acute and chronic inflammation by increasing blood flow to the damaged tissues, and it’s been found in numerous clinical trials to increase the body’s antioxidant defenses as well. [2] This natural anti-inflammatory effect of red light therapy, shown in study after study, is a key to its skin healing and appearance-improving effects.

Red Light Therapy Increases Your Natural Collagen Production, for Healthier, Younger Skin

Collagen is critical for skin health (and joint and bone health). It literally holds us together, and the more you can produce naturally, the better for your skin, joints, and general appearance. Many people take collagen supplements or use creams, but there’s no substitute for your body making more of the real thing.

People treated with natural light, especially with near infrared light, have much higher natural collagen levels. Several human trials and laboratory studies on red light therapy have demonstrated a big boost in natural collagen stimulation, for younger looking skin and faster healing. [3,4,5]

Younger Looking Skin and Less Wrinkles & Fine Lines with Red Light

Daily red light treatments help your skin regenerate faster, for a younger look. A 2017 study assessed 30 women ages 30-55 who used red light therapy. The research team concluded that red light therapy “had positive effects on wrinkle and moisture content of adult women's faces.” [6]

Red light also lessens wrinkles and signs of aging while rejuvenating skin. Red and near infrared light has been shown to boost collagen, smooth wrinkles, and enhance skin tone, for an overall younger look. It’s particularly effective for healing and skin regeneration, as well as reducing inflammation [3]

Huda Beauty wrote a great piece on how Joovv can help reduce cleavage lines, and other wrinkles.

Decrease The Appearance of Scars with Red Light

With many skin injuries—whether burns or cuts or surgical scars—there is a lasting (and usually unwelcome) blemish. Scientists have conducted studies looking at the effects of red light on reducing the appearance of scars. Red light has been found to reduce the visibility of scarring and decrease the prominence of raised scars. [7]

Natural Health and Skincare Professionals Use Joovv for Healing Skin

Natural health leaders are also using Joovv for its healing skin properties, especially for scarring. Katie of Wellness Mama tried red light therapy after her husband had hernia surgery:

My husband used it twice a day and healed faster than expected, so I decided to try it too. The biggest thing I noticed was that my c-section scar and stretch marks from having kids started to fade. What mom wouldn’t love that?*
joovv Katie


Wellness Mama

You can see more natural health leaders who use Joovv here.

Joovv is also proud to sponsor the Skin Games, an annual, international contest where some of the world’s best skincare pros and estheticians compete in categories like acne treatment and wrinkle reduction. Melissa Poley is a former Skin Games champ, and a leading American esthetician. She used Joovv in the Skin Games this year and saw big results with her clients:

“Two of my clients used Joovv every day for 8 weeks. Christine wanted to cut down on fine lines and wrinkles, and Tasha was hoping for a natural acne treatment. Christine’s skin looks WAY BETTER after 8 weeks of Joovvin’, as you can see in her results video."

Everyday Joovv Users are Seeing Skin Improvements

The clinical research and experiences of world-class pros is also backed up by everyday Joovv users, who are seeing healthier skin thanks to their red light therapy treatments.

Like Allison T:

I have more energy after my Joovv sessions in the morning and it only took a few weeks to see my skin clearing up.*
joovv Allison T

Allison T

Joovv Customer

Read testimonials and reviews from real Joovv users here.

Ready for Red Light?

Red light therapy is a safe, effective natural skin treatment that’s used every day by some of the top skincare professionals in the world for wrinkles, rejuvenation, acne, and healing injuries & scars.

Check out Joovv’s devices if you’re ready to try red light for healthier skin.

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