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Hey there! Welcome to our family! My name is Melissa and I'm one of the cofounders of Joovv.

My first experience with red light therapy was in 2014. After researching its many benefits, I decided to buy a red light therapy package at a local salon to help with my journey to better health. Within a matter of weeks, I saw huge improvements in stretch marks I've had since my first child was born. Additionally, my eczema, which had prevented me from being able to wear deodorant, was completely gone!

But as a mother of six, traveling to the salon 4-5 times per week was both inconvenient and expensive. Plus, I wanted my husband and kids to experience the healing benefits of red light therapy as well.

So I began to search for an in-home solution - something that was convenient, powerful, and could treat my whole body. After a ton of research, the only devices I could find were small, overpriced units designed to treat single areas like your face.

Because my husband is an engineer, I asked him to build a custom solution- a product specifically made to maximize the results of red light therapy in a convenient, efficient design. And that is how our first prototype was born. We're so excited for you to experience the incredible health benefits of red light therapy in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Cheers to better health!

Our Founders

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