World-Class Trainers & Fitness Pros Trust Joovv Red Light Therapy

Joovv is popular at the top of the training and fitness worlds because of red light therapy’s clinically-proven performance, muscle, and recovery benefits. Here’s a look at the top trainers and fitness experts using Joovv and recommending it for their clients.

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Ben Greenfield has been named the #1 personal trainer in America. He gave Joovv a try in late 2017 and hasn’t looked back because of the major performance and recovery benefits he sees every day. He loves Joovvin’ in the morning, and recently wrote a guide on red light therapy that includes FAQs and a breakdown of different devices.

Faster Muscle Recovery: Ben Greenfield says his muscles recover from punishing workouts much faster with Joovv. That matches a huge base of peer-reviewed clinical research showing red light therapy fuels muscles for faster recovery.

Ben Greenfield
Voted America’s Top Personal Trainer
“After using Joovv for over 2 years, it’s the only light therapy device I’d ever recommend.”*

Lacey Stone, aka “the hottest female trainer in America”, combines her Joovv red light therapy sessions with her morning meditation to start the day well in body and mind.

Joovvin’ for Peak Physical Performance

Trainers like Ben & Lacey who use Joovv often tell us about how it gives their clients more energy to train. That’s backed up by the clinical results showing a wide range of physical training improvements for light therapy recipients. This article breaks down the science on red light and peak performance, showing everything from faster running and longer exercise endurance, to stronger grip and arm strength. This has been shown on everyone from pro athletes (see below), to out of shape, occasional exercisers of every age.

Pro Athletes Love Joovv Light Therapy

Like top trainers, elite pro athletes are using Joovv for natural muscle and performance benefits. You can see the list here, with NFL stars like Patrick Peterson, DeMarcus Lawrence, & Keenan Allen, plus NBA teams, Olympians, UFC champions, and more.

Is Joovv an “Unfair Competitive Advantage”?

The late great Olympic trainer and strength coach Charles Poliquin told us in mid-2018 that he had all his athletes using Joovv red light therapy for muscle recovery and energy. He also mentioned that people in the training and sports worlds have a new dilemma: red light therapy seems to be giving athletes an “unfair competitive advantage”—almost like a performance-enhancing drug, even though red light therapy is completely natural.

Advantage, yes. Unfair or unnatural? Definitely not. Red light therapy has been tested and researched in thousands of clinical trials, with overwhelmingly positive results, and almost no reported side effects.

Charles Poliquin
Regarded as One of the World's Best Strength Trainers
"I started using Joovv's full-body red light therapy with my elite athletes at the Strength Sensei training center and it felt like I was gaining an unfair advantage. It’s natural, noninvasive, drug-free, no side effects, and there’s a lot of scientific research to back it up."*

Mike Bledsoe is another fitness thought leader who incorporates Joovv for workout benefits, but also for his sleep, skin health, and pain relief.

Joovvin’ to Cut Fat and Lose Weight

Drew Manning is the best-selling author of Fit2Fat2Fit and host of the hit TV show on A&E. He says he likes Joovvin’ first thing in the morning, to get his day started on the right track. He’s one of many trainers and fitness pros interested in red light therapy as a natural fat reduction and weight loss solution.

This article goes deeper into the clinical research on red light therapy and fat reduction; long-story short, clinical results have shown red light therapy helps cut fat, for everyone from young and healthy exercisers trying to contour their bodies, to older obese patients trying to control their weight.

Joovin’ with Hollywood Celebrities

Jorge Cruise is one of Hollywood’s top trainers. Jorge says he recommends Joovv to his celebrity clients because of its major anti-inflammation benefits.

Lauren Kleban founded Los Angeles-based LEK Fit and trains stars and celebs too. Like Jorge, Lauren recommends Joovv to her Hollywood clients because of the clinically-proven muscle and pain-relief benefits.

Less Inflammation & Joint Pain = Better Workouts

Inflammation and joint pain are essential to the fitness equation because they’re one of the most common reasons people don’t work out, or can’t work out optimally. Jorge Cruise, Lauren Kleban, and their famous clients are seeing major benefits with Joovv, like more time at the gym, and stronger workouts. That matches the clinical research on red light therapy and joint pain & inflammation relief.

Jorge Cruise
New York Times Best-Selling Author and Celebrity Fitness Trainer
"Red light therapy with Joovv is one of the easiest ways to improve your sleep, balance your hormones, and assist with your weight loss goals. It's something I recommend to all of my clients."*

Read more here on the science behind Joovv as a natural arthritis and joint pain treatment. Or check out this article on the science behind Joovv and inflammation relief.

Across the Board, Fitness Experts Love Joovv

Ryan Munsey, elite trainer and top-ranked podcast host, loves Joovvin’ in the mornings with breathing exercises to get him ready for the big jobs of the day.

Joe DiStefano is a strength and conditioning coach and former Director of Sport for the Spartan Race. He also Joovvs in the morning to get his body ready for the physical and mental challenges of the work day, and he tells his clients and athletes to do the same.

Angi Greene Fletcher is a former international model who’s become a leading triathlete, trainer, and fitness influencer. You can check out Angi enjoying her Joovv time.

Natural Health Benefits: It’s not just trainers and athletes. Leading natural health experts and biohackers are Joovvin’ too, from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (Paleo Mom), Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dave Asprey, Robb Wolf, and Mark Sisson, and many others. Check out all the natural health leaders who use Joovv here.

Ready for Red Light?

The world’s best trainers and fitness professionals use Joovv red light therapy because it works for them, and for their clients. If you’re trying to train harder and get better results, or simply cut some fat and improve the appearance of your beach bod, red light therapy can work for you too. From muscle growth and physical performance, to muscle recovery and pain relief, red light therapy is lighting up the training world and helping weekend warriors win the battle against fat.

Check out Joovv’s modular design and see why so many trainers and athletes are using it every day for major performance and recovery benefits.

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