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Leading Light Therapy Researcher Explains LED Flicke...

We're fortunate to have one of the world’s leading photomedicine experts, Dr. Michael Hamblin, on our scien...

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Deuterium: What it is, How to Get Rid of it, and How...

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and it plays a huge role in everything our bodi...

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The Potential of Light Therapy for Treating Brain In...

Head injuries and brain trauma are a growing epidemic in the United States, especially among football playe...

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How Red Light Helps You Sleep Better

You probably have co-workers who joke about how much coffee they need every morning. But by mid-afternoon, ...

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Measuring the Power of Light Therapy Devices

If you’re trying to find the best light therapy device for you, there are a lot of factors to consider: the...

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World-Famous Trainer Charles Poliquin Shares 8 (Ever...

In this special guest post written by Charles R. Poliquin, the world-famous strength coach shares 8 ti...

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