Our new design aligns with our vision for the future of light therapy: harnessing the power of healthy light for everyone’s benefit.

With this vision, we have created a new wave of light therapy devices, designed and engineered for the most effective treatments possible. 

The Next Generation of Light Therapy is Here

The Go

The Mini

The Solo

Re-Engineered Inside and Out
Joovv’s third generation is the world's most advanced at-home light therapy products. 
Superior Optics
Increased power output, and less consumption, equals 4x the treatment distance and more balanced light distribution. 
New polycarbonate alloy frame reduces weight up to 25%.
Innovative New Light Modes
Pulsing technology to enhance your body’s recovery process.
Ambient Mode
Enhance sleep quality with lower-intensity light at night. Four unique dim settings offer ideal nighttime lighting that aligns with your circadian rhythms.

All-New Versatile Mounting System

Joovv’s patented new mounting system allows for quick and easy assembly, so you can customize your light therapy.

Modular Design

Choose between 7 preset device kits with various setup options including:

• Door System
• Nano Wall System
• Mobile Stand

Built-In Carrying Handles

Designed for you, built-in carrying handles allow you to comfortably change between setup options.

Introducing The Boot Floor Stand

The perfect fit, designed for ease and versatility. Just slide in your Mini or Solo for treatments anywhere.

The Go 2.0

The world's most advanced handheld light therapy device.
Charge and Go
New charging dock lets you put your Go on a nightstand or desk for a quick charge.

One Lens, Two LED’s.

The Joovv Go contains both red and NIR wavelengths in each lens, so you can treat your body with both types of healthy light at the same time.


Pair the Go with your smartphone to access new features. 

Alarm Clock Mode
Recovery+ Mode
Ambient Mode
Customizable Treatment Times

Find Your Joovv

The Go

Starting at $445

The Mini

Starting at $795

The Solo

Starting at $1,345