How Does Joovv Work?

See how red and near infrared impact our cells and health.


True Medical-Grade

Go 2.0
 Targeted Treatments

Treat any area of your body with the Joovv Go, relieving aches, soothing sore muscles, and more.

Solo 3.0
 Moderate Treatments

Get started with our popular Solo device—perfect for both broad and targeted treatments. Easily expand to a larger Joovv system over time.

Quad 3.0
 Full-Body Treatments

Optimize your entire body all at once for maximum cellular exposure and healing with the Quad. The ultimate in-home light therapy experience.

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From Dr. Andrew Huberman

"Given the benefits of red light and near infrared light on muscle recovery, skin health, mitochondrial function, vision, and more, I’ve used Joovv panels daily for several years now. It is my preferred red light therapy device."

Dr. Huberman, PhD | Neuroscientist, Podcast Host