Treatment Guidelines for Generation 2.0

Treatment Guidelines for Generation 2.0

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From out of the box, to your first light therapy treatment, here are the basics.

Set up your Joovv: Your generation 2.0 Joovv device requires straight-forward, one-time assembly. Check out our setup guides for specifics on each device.

Turn on Your Joovv: To start your Joovv device, flip the power switch, set your treatment time on the control panel, and hit the play button to start a treatment.

Note on LEDs: Some of the LEDs may appear like they’re not working when they’re actually on and delivering near infrared light that is invisible to the human eye. The red light from a Joovv is clearly visible—you can’t miss it!

Treatment Guidelines for Generation 2.0

For the most effective red light therapy sessions, follow these treatment guidelines:

Position Yourself 4-6 Inches from Your Joovv: You can sit or stand, but clinical research and user experiences have demonstrated that 4-6 inches is the ideal distance during a treatment.

Treatment for Beginners: We recommend starting out with 1-2 minute treatments per area, slowly working up to a 10-minute session(s) over the course of 2-3 weeks as your body acclimates to the therapy.

10-15 Minute Treatment Times: 10-minute treatments per area at 4-6 inches from your device are optimal. 15-20 minutes for symptomatic areas may be beneficial, but beyond that, the evidence points to diminishing returns because your cells can only absorb so much light at once. For this reason, we recommend at least 6 hours between treatments of the same area. The treatment coverage is based on the size of your device. In other words,  the area directly in front of the device provides the most intense light treatment. The area around the edge of the device provides some benefits, but does have a lower intensity of light. We recommend full-body treatments, front and back, for optimal results. 

Daily Use is Optimal: To get the most out of your Joovv, consistency is key. We recommend one treatment per day, although 2-3 times per day may be beneficial for symptomatic areas.

Any Time of Day: Use your Joovv when it works best for you! Some people love how it feels in the morning and say it perks them up for the day. Others wait until before or after a workout for max energy and recovery. And many use Joovv at night, or as an alternative to bright, artificial lights after dark. The important thing is fitting light therapy into your daily routine, regardless of what time.

Targeting Problem Areas: Many of the health benefits from light therapy can be attained by consistent, full-body use. However, it can be beneficial to target specific physical problem areas. In those cases, direct treatments for 10-20 minutes allows natural light to penetrate deeper into tissues for greater effects.

Exposing Your Skin for a Joovv Treatment

For effective Joovv use, the area of your body that you’re treating needs to be exposed directly to the light. Clothing prevents the red and near infrared light from reaching your cells, so be sure to remove any garments from the part of your body you’re treating.

Clothing: Many Joovv users with full-body devices prefer to Joovv in the nude. Delivering light to more surface area on your body leads to better light therapy outcomes, but full nudity is not necessarily required for effective, full-body Joovv use. Lighter garments like underwear, bras, shorts, and socks may be worn without hampering a treatment, though the covered areas will receive a diminished intensity. 

Makeup: You can still benefit from Joovv treatments while wearing makeup, but for optimal use, we recommend removing it and cleaning your skin so more natural light can reach your cells.

Eyes / Glasses: When using Joovv’s Generation 2.0 modular devices, you may remove your eyeglasses and contacts if you prefer. The LEDs can be quite bright, so we don’t recommend looking at them directly. If it’s too bright, we recommend closing your eyes until it’s comfortable to open them. If you have any concerns on treating your eyes, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider or optometrist.

Water: For electrical safety reasons, dry yourself after bathing or swimming before starting a treatment, and do not operate your Joovv with wet hands. Avoid using your Joovv in an area with excess water. 

FAQs for Light Therapy Treatments

Joovv uses only the red and near infrared wavelengths that are clinically-proven to be effective and safe. However, we always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider for specific questions about your health conditions.

Will light therapy treatments cause detox symptoms?

If your cells are starved for light, a full Joovv treatment may cause some detox-related symptoms before your body acclimates to the therapy. If you experience these types of issues, we recommend stopping treatments until the symptoms go away. Then start out at 1-2 minutes per treatment area and work your way slowly up to 10 minutes over the course of 2-3 weeks. This will help your body adapt to a higher dosage of light. If you continue to experience detox-related symptoms and have any concerns regarding the use of photobiomodulation, we recommend stopping treatments and consulting with your healthcare provider.

What if I use Botox?

Users with a history of facial fillers and botox injections should consult their

dermatologist prior to use.

What if I have breast implants?

Users with breast implants should consult their plastic surgeon prior to use.

What if I recently had LASIK surgery?

Red light therapy from a Joovv is safe for the eyes. However, those who have recently undergone LASIK eye surgery may experience more light sensitivity, so we recommend using eye protection during Joovv treatments while your eyes recover. Consult with your healthcare provider for further questions about LASIK or other eye procedures and how they may be affected by red light therapy.

What if I have tattoos?

Users with black pigmented tattoos could experience skin blistering. Blistering can occur by inadvertent heating of the iron oxides and/or the metal salts in the tattoo’s black pigment. Tattoo locations can be covered prior to your treatment. When treating at the recommended distance of 4-6 inches you may not experience a problem or feel the need to cover your tattoo, however we recommend listening to your body. 

What if I have a pre-existing health condition or take medications?

Joovv generation 2.0 products are considered class II medical devices. Out of caution, we recommend you consult with your healthcare provider if you have any pre-existing conditions or if you take photosensitizing drugs like Tetracycline, Digoxin, Retin A, and others. Here is a current list of contraindication and precautionary warnings

Steroids may suppress the immune system while photobiomodulation works to stimulate it. The two therapies work differently, which is why we do not recommend they be used together.

Because we are not health practitioners, we are not able to offer definitive clinical guidance. We recommend consulting with your trusted health care provider.

Can children use Joovv?

Clinical studies have shown light therapy to be safe and efficacious. However, if you’re considering using it with children, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns. Please also note, all treatments with children should be done under adult supervision. 

Can pregnant or nursing women use Joovv?

As there has been little clinical research done on red light therapy treatments for pregnant or nursing subjects, do not use the device if pregnant or lactating before consulting with your healthcare provider.

Can my pet use Joovv?

Veterinarians around the world have used red light therapy for years to treat dogs, horses, and many other animals. We recommend consulting with a veterinary professional for specific concerns.

How long does it take to see results?

The human body is complex, yet amazing! It is hard to predict the way your body will respond to Joovv and how quickly you will see results. It varies by person, their health and fitness challenges, and how consistent they are with treatments.

Will Joovv red light therapy help with my health condition?

Red light therapy is supported by a robust amount of peer-reviewed clinical data for a broad range of health benefits.  You can learn more about some of the science by visiting our Learn Page. On a case-by-case basis, it would be impossible to give definitive guidance when we don’t know a person’s medical history or specific situation. If you’re looking for prescriptive advice, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider.