The Benefits of Red Light Therapy During The Summer

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy During The Summer

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In a previous article, we discussed the correlation between Seasonal Affective Disorder and the impact of sunlight on seasonal changes. During winter, people tend to have limited sun exposure, making red light therapy a popular choice during this season. So what about the warmer months? It may seem that longer daylight hours during the summer would make your daily Joovv session unnecessary, but it's actually surprising to discover that both winter and summer months present similar challenges in achieving light exposure for optimal health. 

New Season, Same Routine

During the fall and winter months, most of us receive minimal sunlight. As we transition into spring and summer, the sun's intensity increases, but our daily indoor routines remain the same, giving our skin limited opportunities to precondition and build a protective sun callus.  As children, many of us have cherished memories of spending extended hours outdoors during the summer season. What we were unaware of at the time, was that our bodies were developing a natural protection against the sun, gradually building up resistance to the intensified ultraviolet (UV) rays, while still benefiting from the nourishing light exposure. As we grow older, our daily routines remain consistent year-round, which means we spend a significant amount of time indoors, regardless of the season. Without the ability to naturally precondition our skin, we rely on sunscreen as a way to protect our skin and compensate for our indoor lifestyle. While this protects us from sunburn and overexposure, it restricts our ability to take in beneficial light.

UV Exposure

During summer, the ultraviolet index (UDI) is higher than other seasons due to the sun’s angle to the earth’s axis being at its highest, allowing ultraviolet rays to penetrate the earth’s surface. Normally, UV light is present in sunlight from mid-morning to late afternoon, reaching its highest intensity between 12-2pm. [1] UV light is extremely beneficial for our health as it helps our body produce vitamin D. However, overexposure can have a reverse effect and become harmful.

UV Index

Increased Level of Activity 

With the arrival of warmer weather and longer daylight hours, we are often encouraged to engage in more physical activity, whether it be playing golf or working in the garden. However, this increased activity, coupled with temperature changes and exposure to UV at peak times of the day, can put additional strain on our bodies. This can lead to physical discomfort and an increased risk of injury, especially when engaging in new activities or exercise routines.

How Red Light Can Help

Getting sunlight exposure in the early morning, before UV rays are present, can be helpful in preventing sunburn when spending time outside later in the day. This is known as Photoprevention, where red and IR-A wavelengths of light can condition the skin for UV exposure.

For those who are not familiar with IR-A wavelengths, this is the range of light that falls between 760 to 1400 nm. In addition, these specific wavelengths also have the potential to repair skin damage caused by UV light exposure, which often manifests as redness or sunburned skin. [2] 

Looking to understand more about this approach, researchers organized a human study where test subjects were pretreated with 660 nm red light prior to being exposed to UV light, versus a controlled group of subjects that were only exposed to UV light. The results showed that the group that was treated with red light first received protection from the UV similar to a SPF-15 sun protection. [2] As an alternative to early sunlight, using your Joovv device in the morning may have a similar preconditioning effect and could potentially aid in the healing process if you were to experience sunburn.

With increased temperatures and longer days, the summer months naturally demand more from our bodies. Joovv is an excellent tool that can support the body's natural repair and rejuvenation processes. To discover how to use your Joovv to optimize recovery, check out this article

You might also find this article beneficial in understanding the various systemic benefits that can be achieved through the use of red light therapy.


The benefits of using your Joovv device during summer are similar to those in winter even though you may be exposed to more sunlight. Early morning sunlight, especially before 9 am, can help prepare your skin to handle UV light more effectively and reduce the risk of sunburn. While this doesn't mean you can completely skip using sunscreen, it may help you to use a lower SPF and still reap the benefits of the midday sun. Using your Joovv device in the morning can have a similar preconditioning effect on your skin and help aid in the healing process if sunburn were to occur. In addition to promoting healthy skin, Joovv is a great tool to use for your overall health and well-being, regardless of the season.


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