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Red Light Therapy for Stroke Recovery

Joovv red light therapy is already popular with leading natural health experts, pro athletes, and world-class trainers because it delivers clinically-proven muscle growth and recovery benefits. But recent research is showing red light therapy may also be an effective, natural treatment for stroke-related muscle spasticity.

Muscle Spasticity From Stroke

Muscle spasticity is a common after-effect of a stroke, or CVA (cerebrovascular accident). Damage to the brain from a stroke can interfere with messages to muscles, causing painful spasms that may feel like bad cramps. This can make daily life much more challenging for people with a history of CVA, and increases the risk of further injury by falling. The National Stroke Association estimates that 12 million people deal with CVA-related spasticity. [1]

Many treatment methods are used to manage stroke-related muscle spasticity, including braces, medications, surgery, injections, and movement & stretching strategies. In fact, many people use home movement aids like ramps, shower benches, raised toilet seats, and anti-slip strips. [1]

Research Shows Light Therapy’s Potential to Help Stroke Victims Restore Muscle Function

Red light therapy has proven to be an effective natural muscle recovery strategy in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, but research is also showing further-reaching muscle health benefits for people with stroke history. A number of clinical findings over the past decade have shown light therapy’s potential for helping stroke patients restore muscle function and control from spastic muscle fatigue.

A 2016 study of chronic stroke patients concluded red light therapy “may contribute to increased recruitment of muscle fibers and, hence, to increase the onset time of the spastic muscle fatigue, reducing pain intensity in stroke patients with spasticity, as has been observed in healthy subjects and athletes.” [2]

In 2015, a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with men and women ages 40 to 80 with CVA-related muscle spasticity found significantly improved motor function and muscle performance in the light therapy group. [3]

These findings build upon previous research, including a Japanese study in 2008 that found light therapy helped CVA-history subjects facilitate voluntary tricep muscle movements. [4]

Optimal Red Light Therapy with Joovv

Joovv offers personal red light therapy devices with medical-grade power, so you can enjoy convenient in-home use, with short treatment times. Our modular system can be customized to your individual health needs and the physical spaces in your home.

Research on CVA continues to emerge, but the findings to this point on red light therapy as a treatment strategy are very positive. These CVA-studies align with the huge base of clinical findings supporting red light therapy for general muscle performance and growth, as well as for preventing fatigue and soreness and speeding muscle recovery.

Check out Joovv’s treatment options to see if red light therapy makes sense for your health needs.

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Joovv light therapy products are indicated for use in the relief of muscle and joint pain, including arthritis and muscle spasm pain, and increasing of blood circulation, and relaxation of muscles. The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to support the safety or effectiveness of Joovv devices, or diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It's not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your healthcare provider, and should not be construed as medical advice.

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