Joovvin' with LeAnn Rimes

Joovvin' with LeAnn Rimes

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LeAnn Rimes is a two time Grammy award winner with over 48 million units sold around the world. In this Q&A, we chat with LeAnn about her new health journey, experience with red light therapy, and her daily health routine.  

Most people know you as a famous musician but if I was to call up some of your closest family members, how would they describe you?

Well, I just asked my husband how he would describe me, to which he replied “a beautiful, highly emotional being.” Lol... I think that’s pretty accurate. I do feel DEEPLY! I think a few other ways I would be described are creative, courageous, intuitive, heart centered... if someone asks me who I am, my answer is “all the things.” We are all so vast and multilayered that it’s challenging to truly put into words who or what we are. Personally, who I am can morph and shift from moment to moment.

Recently you’ve started a new health journey. Can you share what led you to start this journey and any insights on how it's going?

I turn 40 this coming August and I know my body is going to begin to shift, hormonally, so I wanted to set myself up for a healthy and happy new decade. I saw Dr. Mindy Pelz speak on a podcast and bought her book, “The Menopause Reset,” which really opened my eyes to all the ways in which I needed to shift some things in my life, in order to have a smoother transition into the next phase of changes all of us women inevitably transverse. I began working with Dr. Mindy a few months ago, which has lead to me slowly beginning detoxing my body and my life. I started eating for my cycle... which includes intermittent fasting and I started reassessing and recalibrating my nervous system, moving out of constant fight or flight and into a more or a balanced, sympathetic/parasympathetic state. It’s a process and a massive amount of dedication, but I’m worth it. I’ve spent most of my life on the road, touring, and never really dedicating this kind of focus and time to my health. Now, my health comes first and everything else works around that.

As far as how it’s going... Healing is a rollercoaster. Some days I feel just awful, as toxins get pulled out of my body and my brain. Other days, I feel like I have enough energy for 3 people. My hormones are way more balanced and I have little wins, little signs of improvement every month. Healing is truly a journey, and I am so grateful to have Dr. Mindy and several other incredible women on my health team, seeing me through it.

How differently do you approach health and wellness today vs how you approached it when you were in your early 20s? What advice would you give your younger self?

Oh wow, in my 20’s, it was all about how I looked. Now, it’s more about how I feel and the rest falls into place. In my 20’s I didn’t think about the whole picture, but now, I approach health and wellness from all angles... the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical are all equally important. As I inch closer to 40, my focus is on setting myself up for the most vibrant future possible.

I would tell my younger self that health TRULY is the greatest form of wealth and that nothing is as important as your joy! Follow your joy and the rest will take care of itself.

How did you first learn about red light therapy and what was your initial impression? What made you give it a try?

Dr. Mindy introduced me to red light therapy. Truthfully, when it comes to my health, I’m pretty much game to try anything, if it’s known to support healing. With all the benefits for mental health, sleep support, mitochondria function, and hormone support, red light seemed like an obvious piece of my healing puzzle.

After using the Joovv Quad for a few months now, how has your experience been with full-body red light therapy?

I use Joovv every single day! I feel like my cells are literally drinking up the light. It’s become a key piece for energy support and in support of my overall healing.

After experiencing benefits from red light therapy, do you approach the importance of getting healthy light exposure differently?

Yes, I now understand the importance of light for optimal health, so along with red light, I also get outside, in natural sunlight during the middle of the day, and try to shut any blue light off, especially from my phone, by 4 or 5 pm. That one’s a challenge!

Would you recommend Joovv to others looking to improve their overall health and wellness?

I absolutely would! I truly don’t know what I would do without my Joovv. When I’m traveling, and don’t have my full body set up with me, I feel a huge difference. My body craves the light... all of ours do.

What does your daily health routine look like? What other therapies are you doing on a daily basis?

Oh my goodness, there’s almost too much to even dive into, LOL. I use an infrared sauna several times a week. I support my lymph with daily lymph work and a machine that I'm so grateful to have in my home, called “FLOWpresso.” I meditate and do breathwork daily, along with NPL work to reprogram my subconscious patterning. I’m going through an intense detox of heavy metals and other toxins, so I try and support that detox in ALL THE WAYS!

I’ll reiterate, it’s time consuming and I’m dedicated. And, eventually, because of the work I’m putting in now, there will come a time when it will be more about maintaining my optimal health than the journey of healing. I look forward to that day! I’ve already come a long way and as I mentioned earlier, I celebrate all the little wins along the way.

Do you have a favorite podcast you listen to or a recent book you’ve read that you would recommend?

I just finished “The Way Of Integrity” by Martha Beck, which I LOVED, and I just had her on my podcast, “Wholly Human.” Another book I have really dug recently is “The Reality Revolution” by Brian Scott. I read a lot. I do a lot of research for the guests I have on my podcast, so I’m constantly immersed in books.

What's next for LeAnn Rimes? Should we be on the lookout for anything new coming?

Oh, yes! I have a new album, “god’s work” that will be released, this year. Between now and the release, we will be dropping new music, left and right. We just kicked off the third season of my podcast, “Wholly Human,” in which I share a lot of my healing journey and get VERY candid. I am also headed out on “the story... so far” tour, beginning in May, where I will be celebrating over 25 years of music, from “Blue” all the way up to the new release. There’s a lot going on! And of course, you can always keep up with all things “me” on all of my social platforms and my website.


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