Joovvin’ with Dr. Josh Axe, Founder of the #1 Natural Health Site

Joovvin’ with Dr. Josh Axe, Founder of the #1 Natural Health Site

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Dr. Josh Axe

In this special guest post written by Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS, the founder of Ancient Nutrition, and creator of the world’s most-visited natural health website,, explains why he’s Joovvin’ every day.

I first came across red light therapy while I was researching sleep disorders. There are tons of great peer-reviewed studies showing that people treated with red light therapy actually get better sleep, even when they have terrible migraines or insomnia. I was surprised to see this and started diving deeper into red light therapy’s clinical value. Soon I saw more studies showing everything from better sleep outcomes, to less inflammation and joint pain in areas treated with red light.

The science and research was rock solid, so I tried red light therapy for myself. When I did my research on devices, Joovv was the name that rose to the top in pretty much every category. I also like that Joovv uses the most effective red and near infrared wavelengths that are clinically-proven to stimulate your body at a cellular level.

I have been using the full-body Joovv Elite now for a few months and recommend it highly. I’m getting another Joovv Elite for a family member’s birthday and I’m excited to see how their health responds.

This is what I’ve experienced so far from my daily use of the Joovv Elite:

Deeper Sleep with Joovv Treatments

The number one benefit that I’ve experienced from my Joovv Elite is better sleep every night. When I wake up in the morning, I can tell I’m more rested and recovered and I feel the effects throughout the day. By the time 3 pm rolls around, I’m not feeling as sluggish as I did before I started Joovvin’.

I used to struggle to fall asleep at night, and it had a clear negative impact on my health and cognitive performance. I was taking in too much blue light from screens, and not getting enough natural light like our bodies need. Before I started using the Joovv Elite, my mind would race when it was time to go to sleep, even though my body was physically tired.

Spending 10-15 minutes in front of my Joovv in the evenings helps my brain slow down and allows me to ease naturally into my sleep cycle. It really helps me relax. And studies have also shown how red light therapy stimulates your brain to make more natural melatonin, a hormone that our bodies need to not only fall asleep, but stay asleep as well.

Joovvin’ for Pain Relief

I’ve been feeling great getting my 8 hours every night, and on top of that, I’m feeling less joint pain and soreness than usual in the mornings and after workouts. The lower back has always been a danger zone for me in terms of soreness, but with regular Joovv use, I’m a lot more confident in that area and feel fewer twinges of pain.

In addition to the Joovv Elite, I’ve got the handheld Joovv Go for spot treatments and use on the road. That’s been a big win for my lower back, because I can easily concentrate a treatment right on the most important spot. I usually do this at night to any parts of my body that are sore, and I wake up feeling much better.

Red Light for Less Inflammation

I feel less inflamed than I used to before using Joovv too. Lumbar strain and inflammation used to hold me back some days, and even cause spasms sometimes. I’ve generally had less of that pain and inflammation since starting with Joovv and I’m going to keep doing it every day so I don’t backslide.

Dr. Josh Axe-Joovv Go

Joovv Red Light Therapy Gets the Dr. Axe Recommendation

I saw great results right away with my Joovv Elite and Joovv Go use, so my wife, Dr. Chelsea, gave it a try. She’s had an excellent experience too, and both of us are recommending Joovv red light therapy to our friends and family members. I’ve told at least 10 patients about Joovv so far and I think it’d be an ideal natural treatment for a lot more people with pain and soreness. I expect that number to grow a lot as time goes on.

If you struggle with sleep, or get held back by chronic pain and soreness, I think Joovv red light therapy is a no-brainer. It has been for me!


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