Joovvin' with Anthony Pettis, UFC Champion Fighter

Joovvin' with Anthony Pettis, UFC Champion Fighter

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In this special guest post written by Anthony Pettis, the UFC star explains why he uses Joovv red light therapy to train and recover from grueling fights.

I’ll be honest: I was skeptical about using Joovv and red light therapy at first. I’ve been fighting in the UFC for almost 10 years now, and I’ve come across a ton of different recovery and training modalities. Most of them were just hype and didn’t work, so I figured Joovv would be the same story. A lot of other great fighters and trainers have been using red light therapy though, so I gave it a try.

Happy to say I was wrong about this one. After using my full-body Joovv system consistently for a few weeks, I quickly realized that red light therapy was absolutely legit. Now I use it every day as part of my normal routine.

Here’s why Joovv works for me and my training & recovery:

3 Major Health Benefits I’ve Seen From Joovvin’

Here are the 3 big health and training benefits I’ve experienced already.

Big Energy Boost

The first big thing I noticed from red light sessions was how it gave me more energy to train. Even after just one Joovv session, I can feel a boost. When you train everyday like me, and compete against the best of the best, that’s a really important advantage.

Energy is an even bigger issue when I’m cutting weight. I often have to shed pounds, which makes it harder to put in good training sessions. I’m a hungry guy! Going all out when you’re on a diet is tough, but now that I’m using my Joovv, I can power through workouts more, even when I’m low on fuel.

Major Muscle Recovery

Recovery is important for any athlete, but it’s an even bigger deal in mixed martial arts. Even the best fighters take a beating in the octagon, and we all have to push our bodies and muscles to the max when we train. I don’t care how strong you are, you have to focus on muscle recovery or you’re bound to get injured or lose strength. The guys who make recovery a priority are the ones who are still fighting at a world-class level into their 30s like me.

I’d heard all about the research and science showing how natural red light helps muscles recover from strain and pain. Now I’ve felt it for myself. I never miss my Joovv sessions after workouts now. When I use my Joovv after demanding workouts, I wake up the next day with way less soreness, pain, and inflammation. That means I can get right back in the gym and put in the work, without worrying if I’m pushing too hard.

Sleeping Like a Champion

Another big reason I love Joovvin’ is how much it’s helped my sleep. I like to do Joovv sessions at night after a long day of putting in work. It’s relaxing and calming so I can wind down before bed, and it’s helped me get deeper, more restful sleep at night.

I can tell that Joovv red light therapy has a big impact because of how much better I feel in the mornings now. My muscles are less sore from the previous day’s workouts, and I get much better sleep. It feels like I’m actually getting younger!

Anthony Pettis, UFC Champion Fighter

I Recommend Joovv Light Therapy for Any Athlete

I would definitely recommend Joovv therapy to any fighters and athletes who put in the work every day. It’ll keep you fresh and strong day in and day out. Training is a serious grind, but Joovv has cut way down on my soreness.

I never really imagined natural red light would make this much difference, but it did almost immediately for me. Unlike most health & fitness strategies I come across, my Joovv does exactly what it says it does. Red light therapy with Joovv has become a staple of my daily training routine, and I feel like I’m at the top of my game.

And I mean to STAY there, and Joovvin’ is helping me stay strong, energetic, well-rested, and motivated.


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