Joovvin’ with Mike Bryan, Legendary Doubles Tennis Star

Joovvin’ with Mike Bryan, Legendary Doubles Tennis Star

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Mike Bryan, Legendary Doubles Tennis Star

In this special guest post written by Mike Bryan, the doubles tennis legend talks about his training, and how he uses Joovv red light therapy as part of his fitness regimen, to recover faster and play at a world-class level.

I‘ve been playing professional tennis on the world stage for almost two decades. One of the biggest factors in my longevity has been my focus on recovery and staying healthy. You only get one body and one career, and I’m always on the lookout for better rehab and recovery strategies.

The ATP World Tour is extremely competitive, with every player looking for that extra edge. When I heard about Joovv’s red light therapy devices, I had to give it a try. Now I’ve been using my Joovv Mini every day on the Tour, and I’m not looking back. Let me tell you why it’s become such an important part of my training and recovery routine.

Less Joint Pain with Red Light Therapy

Tennis is essentially a year-round game, and I was wiped out during the 2018 season. The ‘off-season’ is very short on Tour, and I knew I needed to be proactive about speeding up my recovery and injury rehab so I could enter 2019 at the level of play I expect.

After a little initial confusion with my Joovv Mini (I had it on near infrared mode, which is invisible to the human eye), I started to feel the benefits pretty quickly. One of the first things I noticed was a decrease in my joint pain after practices and matches. A tennis player is only as good as their wrists, knees, and ankles, so this was a critical improvement for my game.

Sleeping Better with Joovv Sessions

I’ve spent a huge chunk of my adult life in hotel rooms as I play on the World Tour. It’s never easy to get good rest on the road, especially when you add the stress and physical demands of pro tennis. Since I started using my Joovv every night, I’ve fallen asleep more easily and slept much better. I’ll use my Joovv while I’m brushing my teeth, stretching, and reading in the evenings. Pretty much whenever I’m in my room, I’ll have the light shining on different parts of my body. It’s paid off big time for my circadian rhythm.

It’s not just my perception that I’m sleeping better with Joovv. Because I track my sleep using an Oura ring, I was able to compare my sleep scores from before and after. The data shows that since I started Joovvin’, my sleep is longer and more restful. That gives me a big advantage before I even step on the court, and makes international tournaments and travel way easier to manage.

Recovering With Red Light

I can’t stress enough how important recovery is for tennis players. To win tournaments and survive on Tour, you have to have a great game and stay healthy across hundreds of matches. With Joovv, I can practice and play harder and not feel as much muscle pain and soreness the next day. When you only have a day to recover between matches, that’s an enormous advantage over the competition.

Just 10-15 minutes with my Joovv keeps me fresh and energized, with less pain. The end result is that I step onto the court with stronger legs and can get more power on my shots as I advance deeper into a tournament.

Joovvin’ into the Future

After a long, amazing career in tennis, I’m preparing to retire. A lot of people have asked me what comes next. Tennis has taught me so many life lessons and it’s given me a high-performance mindset. My sport has been an incredible teacher and I’m eager to take my experiences and everything I’ve learned on Tour and use it to live the rest of my life to the fullest. I’m passionate about helping people succeed and want to coach and mentor the next generation of athletes. We’ll see what that entails, but I’m excited about the next chapter. One thing is for certain though, I’m going to stay active and I’ll be Joovvin’ and groovin’ for a long time!


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