Joovvin' with Dave Asprey

Joovvin' with Dave Asprey

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Joovv recently met up with our old friend Dave Asprey to catch up on health, coffee, and biohacking with the Bulletproof founder and CEO. Check out a summary of our conversation with Dave Asprey below.

What is Biohacking?

Dave Asprey is widely known as one of the leaders of the biohacking movement, and he wrote the definition for the word. He intentionally did not copyright the term because he wanted it to be a community concept. In Dave’s words, biohacking is, “the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside of you so you have full control of your own biology.”

Dave’s definition is intentionally broad, so anyone can apply it to their own lives. He wanted to lose 100 pounds and optimize his brain function, and he used the principles of biohacking to do just that. For him, that includes dietary hacks like his bulletproof coffee, and natural health modalities like Joovv full-body light therapy treatments.

Bulletproof Coffee 101

What makes Bulletproof Coffee different than any other cup of Joe? First, unlike most coffee, it’s mold-free, and blended from lab-tested beans. And instead of any cream, you use grass-fed butter and brain octane oil. This combination can raise ketone levels in your body, reduce food cravings, and increase your brain’s activity.

So where did Bulletproof Coffee come from? Dave got this idea from yak butter tea drinks he had while visiting the remote western side of Mount Kailash in Tibet. With this idea, he returned to California and got to testing. After hundreds of tests, he found grass-fed butter was necessary for the perfect cup.

Biohacking For Improved Sleep

One of the first things you notice about Dave Asprey are the color of his glasses. He has taken to wearing blue-light blocking glasses nearly all day. He explains that staying away from bright lights before bed is one of the most important things you can do to improve the depth and length of your sleep. The other hack Dave has for more restful slumber is to not eat after dark. It’s simple, but Dave swears by it.

Red Light Therapy and Biohacking

Dave has been using red light therapy for over 20 years and calls the technology foundational for biohacking. Utilizing light therapy gets to the core of biohacking by changing the environment around you. “Light is a massive signal for the brain, the skin, and every cell in your body,” Dave says. “Red light, generally, is going to make you feel better and look better.”

What is The Future of Health and Wellness?

Dave believes that healthier people who pay attention to the foods they eat will continue to pull away from the unhealthy herd. Changes will start with our food and with us demanding that the food we eat supports our biology more sufficiently. Another thing Dave believes will change, is our focus on high-quality lighting. The incorporation of red light therapy into our everyday lives will be a game-changer.

These changes to diet and environment are going to actively improve our health and lead to a more sustainable level of health. Dave’s very excited about these possibilities.

Conclusion: Dave Asprey Believes Biohacking is the Future of Health

Dave Asprey is brimming with ideas about biohacking, and thinks the future of health is bright for the people who pay attention and implement strategies for better living. Check out the full interview to hear more of Dave’s ideas and get tips for how you can biohack your own life and live better.


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