Joovvin' with Hailie Deegan

Joovvin' with Hailie Deegan

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Hailie Deegan is one of the brightest young stars in the racing world. She’s won multiple NASCAR series races in her teens, and she has her sights set on even bigger victories in the years ahead. Hailie uses Joovv red light therapy to train and perform at an elite level, and to recover after grueling races. In this guest post written by Hailie Deegan, the stock car star shares her background, and breaks down how and why she uses Joovv to give her a competitive edge on the track.

Hailie Deegan - Joovv Mini 2.0

In 2019, at the age of 17, I became the first woman in 38 years to win a NASCAR race. I started racing at the age of 8 when my dad, Brian Deegan, a 16-time X Games medalist, transitioned into off road truck racing and rally cars. I knew this was something I really wanted to do even at a young age, and with my family’s support, we took my racing seriously. By the age of 12 I was the driver to be beat in a field of boys who were up to 16 years old. I won multiple championships when I was that young and then transitioned into stock car racing at age 15.

In car racing, half of the process is your mental game. I’ve implemented Joovv red light therapy everyday as part of my routine. On race days my head is clearer and I feel more alert. That gives me an edge and helps me make the split-second decisions needed to win.

Working out is also a huge part of my daily routine. Being in a male-dominated sport, I’m always looking for that extra bit more to outdo my competitor on and off the track! Longer and harder workouts lead to more muscle soreness, exhaustion, and inflammation. While using my Joovv after all my workouts, I have noticed minimal soreness and faster recovery. That means I can go harder in the gym and know I’ll be able to recover, stay healthy, and keep improving.

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I also struggle with acne because of how much I have to put on and take off my helmet while I’m practicing and racing every day. Whether it’s hot or not, it always causes some inflammation on my face, so I use my Joovv Mini while I’m on the road to rejuvenate my skin. It has been essential for me in keeping my acne toned down.

In my opinion, every athlete would benefit from incorporating Joovv red light therapy into their daily training regimen. The benefits are so important for wellness, your body's peak performance, and an overall clearer mindset. I will be using my Joovv everyday as I train for the 2020 NASCAR ARCA Championship!

-Hailie Deegan


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