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Real Customer Reviews of the Joovv Light

In their own words, check out what our customers think of the Joovv Light!  If you're looking to write a review yourself, click here.


Joovv Wow!
"I've been using the Joovv daily for 4 weeks now and have a noticeable happy upswing in my disposition. I'm also enjoying that during my workouts, I feel increased energy like I had before I got Lyme. I'm so excited to have this as part of my healthy upgraded protocol! Thanks Joovv"
Elizabeth E.
Increased Testosterone
"Joov has been great, I use it every morning for increased testosterone, a tip by Ben Greenfield fitness. More effective and easier than swallowing pills and other supplements "
Jeremy W.
Great product
"I feel great after I use my joovv! I occasionally even use it on my dog to help with his ailments."
Jesse T.
Scars are healing!
"The main reason for my purchasing this light was to help heal some scars that would just not seem to go away with anything else I had tried. I’ve had the Joovv light for a month now, but it only took maybe 2 weeks to start seeing improvements in those scars. They’ve healed more in a month with the Joovv light than over the past several years of trying other natural remedies. I’m really impressed by that! I have the Joovv Mini because that’s what’s in my budget at the moment, but I would love to get the largest Joovv light when I’m able to - it just takes too long to cover much area with the Mini so I only end up using it on my face most of the time."
Emily G.
Relief for my daughter's eczema
"The mini combo has been amazing for our 1-year-old daughter that is struggling with eczema. Every night after bath time, we sit in front of the JOOVV. I was not expecting it to help with her itching but it definitely has. I have also noticed that having this as a part of our nighttime routine has helped her fall asleep and stay asleep- once the red light comes on, she knows sleep is around the corner. I love knowing her cells and body are benefitting every time we use the light and I am excited to use the JOOVV long term to help heal her skin entirely."
Megan Kelly
Love my Joovv!
"I've had the Joovv for a few months now and have noticed a huge shift in my energy and skin health! I look forward to my daily treatments and am so grateful for this product and happy I made the investment to purchase it! Thank you thank you, Joovv! "
Alexandra K.
The Joovv Light is lit 🔥
"I noticed benefits immediately re: blood flow circulation and relaxation. It’s helping to heal some wounds as well. It is beyond worth the price! "
Rey C.
Joovv's Customer Support is fantastic!
"Light therapy can still be an estoteric topic despite the thousands of Pubmed articles about it. Melissa and her support team do a fantastic job of guiding you to different information personalized for you and your symptoms. Great customer service by them! :)"
Anthony H.
Surprising ; Nerve Repair?
"Age spots are lighter, but the most surprising effect, is with my residual Bell's Palsy, which happened almost 40 years ago. It has been slowly getting better over time, but I've noticed more facial movement, and easier whistling (which was not easy with partial nerve damage). My partner even noticed, and he rarely notices anything new with my appearance !"
Lynn S.
Quick customer service
"A small part was missing from my setup to hang the light but an employee responded right away and sent me the missing part quickly. Great customer service on a great product! I look forward to using my light every morning."
Kimber N.
Amazing customer service and product quality
"I have been using my Joovv light for about a month now. The product is very high quality and well made. I definitely notice a difference in my recovery from workouts. I do know it takes 6-8 weeks to begin seeing differences in your skin, so still waiting to see those results. On a side note, the customer service has been amazing. My initial light was damaged by UPS upon receiving it. Melissa immediately shipped a replacement and return label for the original to be sent back. They were very helpful and responsive! "
Todd A.
Highway to Health
"I've read that it takes 8-12 weeks to notice a difference on the skin of your face. I'm about 4 weeks in and have noticed my skin is a bit more radiant and lighter in color. More even skin tone. I look forward to continued use of the Joove light and continued benefits. Thank you!"
Beth H.
Really happy so far...
"I purchased the Mini Combo to try it out first and have not been disappointed; age spots on my face have lightened and the pain in my knees are greatly diminished; I use it twice a day, 10 to 15 minutes in each area of concern. I really enjoy my sessions as it is great meditation time. Can't wait to see the long term results! Plan on purchasing the full body model in the near future."
Teresa C.
One month in as good as advertised
"Strange how red lights give you a boost. Every time I use it I always feel better afterwords. Haven’t noticed much difference in skin tone, that benefit seems to max out after three months. I’ll write another review in two more months with any updates."
John d.
Nothing but positives
"- My skin is clearer - My sleep is better - My muscle development looks great I am very pleased with my Joovv LED combo panel. Thanks for everything!"
Outstanding in every way
"I purchased this unit for my mother who is 82 years of age. I had read a lot concerning the benefits of near infrared saunas but also read the research published by Dr. Rhonda Patrick which noted that heat was likely the most important factor underlying the beneficial results of sauna usage and so I ended up purchasing a far infrared sauna for her as it had a higher heat output. After doing further reading about the benefits of near infrared light, I came across a lot of very positive reviews of the Joovv lights and I was still interested in getting some type of near infrared light exposure for her to try. My mother has been using the Joovv lights daily for the past month and she's convinced that it's the most beneficial product that she's ever used. In fact, although she loves the sauna she has repeatedly said that she would give it up along with every other type of health product that I've purchased for her lately if it meant that she could keep the Joovv lights. Her skin quality has improved noticeably and she finds her energy levels to be considerably improved. She has had to change to using them in the morning or early afternoon since she does find that using them in the late afternoon or evening makes is harder for her to get to sleep. However, she's used them every single day now for the past month or longer and she plans to continue doing so indefinitely. I purchased the mid-sized model with 1/2 red light and 1/2 infrared. The size works well enough for her apartment but had I done it again I certainly would have purchased the large unit (again on the 50/50 red/infrared). It's might seem expensive at first, as an investment in health it's actually very inexpensive when you think about it if even a fraction of the reputed benefits are accurate. Based on what I've seen so far I plan to by a larger under for myself later this year."
Verna S.
I Love my Joovv Light
"I can't even express enough how much I love my Joovv Light. I've seen a tremendous improvement in the texture & elasticity of my skin. It works miracles on my sore muscles after strength training, and I've even seen improvements with the fading of my spider veins on my legs. I definitely recommend the Joovv Light 1000%!!!"
catherine k.
1 Month of Joovv Light
"My partner has found that the Joovv light decreases the amount of nerve irritation from the last bout of shingles. The effects of the light on me have been an increase in mental capacity, physical recovery and stamina and better sleep. I am also impressed with the follow-up and materials from Joovv."
Paul P.
Feels so good!
"I originally purchased the Joovv for scar reduction from a double mastectomy, but have been pleasantly surprised in how well it has helped with some deep tissue pain caused from years of bad posture and surgery recovery. Loving everything about it! "
Shelby A.
"I love to joovv while I'm meditating in the morning. It's like my morning sunshine that gets me revved up for my workout!☀️🤸‍♂️Love it! "
jillian s.
Love my Joovv red light
"Have a skin condition called Hailey Hailey disease. Red light therapy heals new outbreaks in a few days. Been using about a month now and really nasty sores are about gone. First time in years and loving it. "
Ronnie W.
Excellent Red light therapy unit
"The combo infra red and led red light therapy is having a very positive effect on my skin and helping me to lose weight. It was a very worthwhile purchase for me. "
John S.
From the Salon to home convenience
"I have been doing red light therapy for a few years now. It helps my sciatica, my *** ankle, and has all but made deep old stretch marks disappear. But I knew I couldn't keep paying the monthly fees. I am almost 55 and want to retire someday. So I needed an affordable at home solution. So I bought the Joovv light with red light only. My concerns that it may not be as effective as a converted tanning bed have also disappeared. A month in, I use it for about 10 minutes a day after dry brushing, and I feel great. I do resistance excercises to pass the time during therapy. Always there when I need it."
Lisa P.
So far...great results
"Has improved my skin texture and I think it is helping with foot and back pain."
Mary M.
Beautiful sunsets in my own home!
"Red light therapy helps me in all the subtle ways that my body need help. It works together with my body and it is just right. I like to do visualizations of bathing in golden energy and it makes me feel quite renewed. It is something I look forward to every day. Thank you Joovv team!"
Sabina D.
Amazing product
"Helped with sore muscles & maintainin skin health. Pleasantly surprised to find it arriving with the correct power connection, so it was just plug & go, with no fuss. Thank you. "
Chau D.
Great Product
"I have the joovv light mini combo and use this to recovery in between workouts and soccer games. I have found that at 20min session on my lower body after a game allows me to recover enough to play a full game the day after. "
Martin T.
"I can definitely feel the results"
Grant M.
Seems very effective in many tissues - 850 nm mini - Science basis is excellent
"Pain and swelling reduction!"
Richard B.
"I highly recommend this!"
Amyah m.