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Real Customer Reviews of the Joovv Light

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Testosterone Booster!
"I’m a 54 year old male who has noticed my testosterone steadily dropping through the years. After listening to Ben Greenfield talking about spending time naked in front of his Joov light to raise T, I thought I would give it a try. Let’s just say that the wife is very happy I did!"
Scott K.
LOVE the Joovv!!
"I've experienced a noticeable uplift in my overall health and mood since using the Joovv daily. I especially notice the days when I don't use it, how much I miss it. I do my morning meditation sitting in front of it for my upper body, having the Joov in front of my face seems to literally "brighten" my day, I feel like it awakens my mind and brightens my mood. I love to also lay with my feet up to get the back of my legs and elevate my feet for added circulation benefit. This really helps the soreness in my legs after a work out. I also sitting with my back to it to alleviate a constant pain that's there. I like the idea of the light helping my kidneys too. There are a lot of studies of positive effects on water in the body with infrared light. I've noticed a definite uptake in my testosterone and libido since using it too. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to invest in their health and have noticeable benefits! "
Danny C.
It works!
"I have repeatedly injured my elbow joints over the years. To stop using them so that they can heal is not practical, so I was looking for an alternative. I read good things about near infrared therapy, so after some research I decided to try it. Deep tissue problems, like joints, take a long term commitment, so it is too early to report results for that. I can say that the injury has not worsened despite the fact that I am doing Krav Maga class 3 times a week. The palm strikes, hammer fists and punches keep my elbows sore. There are shorter term benefits though. I am in my mid-sixties. I have "old folks" age spots on my arms and hands. I have a fairly large scar in the middle of my forehead. It was raised and easily noticeable. After 20 hours of using the Joovv Max this is what I noticed. My scar is no longer raised and is not as "bright". I still have the age spots on my arms, but they have faded. My complexion looks clearer, younger. I wasn't sure about that because nobody else seemed to notice,, but the other day I saw a woman whom I had not seen since before I started the therapy. She looked at me and with amazement said, "You look REALLY good!" Thank you. I told my family and they verified, that yes, I do look younger. I "think" that my saggy lines around my mouth might be a bit less saggy. Another thing that I might be able to credit to the Joovv - my brain is sharper. The reason I can't for sure give Joovv all the credit is that in August I started the Blood Type diet, which makes a difference, and the first of September I started Krav Maga training and fitness and I KNOW that improved my brain. But I feel like things improved more with the Joovv light. One thing I did wrong (for me anyway) was to jump in with both feet and start at the maximum - 10 minutes per side twice a day for a total of 40 minutes a day. That was too much for me. You might say that I overdosed and my body rebelled. I had to stop for 2 weeks and then start back super slow. Lastly, the owners of the company are magnificent! With what other company will an actual owner correspond with you? Fast too! No long waits for responses. I had some problems and Melissa has been extremely helpful, understanding and supportive. She has gone above and beyond what could be expected. I can truly recommend dealing with these people and their wonderful product."
Rose Mary King
Joovv love for hubby and me!
"After coming across research on light therapy, we knew we had to try it. I am 46, with a very demanding career. My husband is 51, and struggles with inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction. In the four weeks since starting to Joovv, we have both experienced higher, more consistent energy levels and quicker recovery after workouts. I've also seen improved elasticity in my skin, and reduction in acne scaring. It's only been 4 weeks, and I can't wait to see what happens next!!"
Aileen S.
"Helps boost my mood and beat the winter blues"
Jonathan S.
Buy this Thing!
"After one month seeing tremendous results. Men if you want better results in the bedroom get this thing. My wife loves it!!!!"
James M.
Very Pleased
"This product has been wonderful in so many ways. First, It has helped with sore muscles after a workout, not nearly as sore as I was before I started using Joovv. Second, my skin looks amazing! I notice a reduction in the fine lines and pore size! Third, I notice my joints are not as sore has they have been in the past! I would recommend the Joovv light to anyone who wants to look and feel better! It is an AMAZING product!! "
Courtney H.
On the way to Pain-Free
"The light seems to be reducing inflammation in the joints where I was having pain, but I can't tell if it is from the light or from the other modalities I have been doing. I have been having intermittent shoulder pain from some AC impingement and a sore ankle since last summer. The talus bone was out of whack but after my rolfer worked on it a few weeks ago, it has been back to normal. And I have been doing my own shoulder therapy too. I use the light for 10 minutes to 1/2 hour a day on various parts. I figure it can't hurt and might help so I am keeping it up. The pain hasn't been this tolerable since last spring. I will say that I was getting plenty of movement therapy all last year but not until I got the light in the beginning of December did my joints start to feel MUCH better. I am 49 and have a Harrington rod in my back from scoliosis surgery 35 years ago. This means I have arthritis in my lower unfused back and I am sure I have some low grade inflammation all around that hardware that I am not even aware of. My back hurts almost subliminally all the time and interferes with sleep, but for the last 6 weeks I have felt noticeably better. I plan to stick with it, but since it's largely subjective and I do so many other things to help myself out I am not sure I can attribute it all to the light."
Michelle C.
The whole family love it...
"Helped with my shoulder and generally makes us all feel a little better every day. With 4 of us using it it’s proving to be excellent value."
Marc M.
Great light
"I've been using the light for 10 minutes a day on my sinuses, and they are clearing up. I am hoping for a total healing of an ongoing sinus problem. The light feels great and I'm hoping for an overall improvement in my skin and lightening of age spots. It's too soon to tell about that, but I'll report back in a few months."
Ann G.
Love the energy
"Absolutely love my Joovv Max. I use it everyday. The increase in energy helps me to get more accomplished each day. Well worth the money. "
Luke S.
"My sleep has improved and I feel like I’m falling asleep faster and deeper. Rarely do I wake up feeling tired even when I’ve only had a few hours sleep! I also feel like I have much more energy and my overall mood seems to have improved as well. I have also used it to treat headaches, after 5 minutes the headaches are gone! Probably the most noticeable visible improvement was my skin. The texture has improved with less fine lines and smaller pores. I also used to get the occasional hormonal breakout of cystic acne but since using the Joovv daily, I’ve not had a single cyst. Some scarring I had has also faded and my skin is feeling a lot more calma and less sensitive. The customer service has also been sublime! We had a little issue with shipping, being all the way in Australia, but Jane was so lovely and responsive and sorted everything out straight-away."
Estelle Felix
It's been crucial in helping my brother recover
"From a fractured c6 that led to lower quadrant paralysis. Accident happened mid December, decompression surgery right away. got the light late December. From a clinician's perspective, it's helped in both regeneration and rest. As of today, he is actively improving daily and is able to walk with help now"
Dr M.
Lovv Joovv
"I experienced an immediate increase in energy when I started using Joovv. I was surprised to notice the effects so quickly, and it has continued to benefit my energy, drive and mood in the month I have been using it. I also had two strains which I recovered from within 24 hours, not a likely scenario in my pre-Joovv existence. I am so glad I purchased this light, and bursting with gratitude for what it is doing for me."
Kristen J.
Two and a half weeks of use so far. Using the Mini Combo.
"I am amazed at the way the light helps with pain. I have arthritis and carpal tunnel, so directing the light to my hands, ribs, knees as well as neck and back causes the pain to subside. Seems to dissipate while using the light. After workouts I get pain all over and I target those spots afterwards and the pain is gone. I also am using the light for skin rejuvenation (wrinkles and sun damage, dark spots etc). I am a 56 year old woman and I am excited about turning back the hands of time! I have read that the skin benefits will become more apparent after 2-3 months. However, I can already feel and see my skin changing. My breakouts occur less and when I do get some they heal quicker. My skin seems a bit softer and skin tone is a bit more even. Skin seems a bit plumper. Its only been two and a half weeks so I am excited about future benefits. I am faithfully using the light twice a day for all areas on my face and body. Also, I really look forward to my time in front of the light. I have been affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder) here in the northeast, but shining the light in my face each morning before work has made a huge difference in my mood. I also believe that I have more energy and I am definitely sleeping better. For the long term I am excited about seeing improvements with thyroid function as I have hashimotos and I have read that the light can help with this as well. I love my light and would love to write another review after about 3 months or so. I feel sure that there will be more wonderful improvements to come!"
Greg B.
So Far So Good
"Have been using a couple weeks now the JOOVV MAX COMBO....i have noticed enhanced physical recovery and mobility, as well as increased energy. Seems like some nagging injuries are getting little by little better too. It was a small fortune but overall if it lasts as long as the JOOVV Team discusses (very long time for the LEDS) than this was a great investment!"
Carson D.
"It is for my husband mainly. He has an extruded disk sitting in a nerve space. It is helping him with the pain. The doctor said the body can come and get rid of the piece of disc that doesn't belong there and we think the joovv is helping that to happen by bringing energy to it. He does it for 15 min every morning and evening and it not only helps immediately but the pain has gotten less and less each day."
Kim S.
"I have been using the Joovv light now for a month and have found that it does EVERYTHING that it claims to do and MORE!! One of the best results that I have found from using my Joovv apart from more energy and an actual “feel” of drop in inflamation is that my eyesight has got better! This has not been recommended by Joovv but through my own extensive research into the effects of near infra red light on the eyes I have been staring into the “near infra red light” from a distance for the last minute each session and my glasses are now pretty much useless! I am a massive fan of Joovv and have done a third party video review of my Joovv light on my youtube channel: https://youtu.be/xc2nvt07H0w I can’t recommend Joovv enough, keep it up guys!!"
Matthew C.
Great product
"So far , 2 months in, the joovv combo standard has helped with stress, mental clarity and vision."
omar l.
"Through this harsh cold winter and endless days of rain and overcast skies here in London, UK, my Joovv Max Combo is keeping me energised whilst there is no sun to speak of. I am sleeping better, my anxiety and moods are better. Best thing I bought in a long time. Thanks Joovv for creating an incredible product!"
Drew T.
Joovv Light
"I have really been enjoying my Joovv Light. My skin issues seem to be getting better and I am looking forward to seeing my results in a few more months. I can tell that I also have more energy! "
Roberta M.
"It took about 2 weeks before I noticed my energy increased but I’m happy I stuck with it😊, hopefully over time I will see more benefits, I have the combo and use it front and back 10 mins each side everyday plus the top of my head for 8 mins. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and fatigue was a big problem for me. I can now get thru my work day without totally depleting my energy which is huge for me. Melissa gave me great customer service, she emailed me after a week and my concerns were promptly answered, very happy with the service, would recommend to anyone"
Lucy C.
Inflammation is down by half
"I bought the Joovv light on a trial basis to see if it would help with the joint and muscle pain I am experiencing due to a recurrence of mononucleosis. You're not supposed to be able to get mono again once you've had it, but I never got that memo. I was skeptical at first but the Joovv did reduce the inflammation in my body by about half, which is a God-send. I wanted all the results yesterday, but I've tried the light long enough to know that it is helping me and hopefully will continue to decrease the pain. So I am going to keep it and am happy with the results so far."
Barbara R.
The awesome red
"My experience with the Joovv light have been very positive. I have way more energy . I’m usually drained in the winter. My friends say I look younger and healthier. I’m looking forward to seeing my results after a year."
Kevin S.
So far so good
"Energy-joint mobility "
Lisa H.
"I feel more energized, more relaxed at the same time, and somehow feel ‘younger.’ Absolutely no regrets on this investment."
Brian S.
The joov has been all
"The joov has been all around wonderful - improved sleep, improved skin and overall improved well-being!"
Jane J.
"My resilience for taking on the stressors of every day has greatly improved. It's as if I have an invisible bulletproof energy shield against stress. You need to use it for several weeks to feel the full effect. Buy the biggest joovv your budget allows. I bought the original size and I already want to upgrade to the max. Get the combo intensities of light spectrums too."
randolph c.
"Joovv Light has been in my home for one-month, what a change it has made in my light. our dog dug a hold in the yard, I twisted my ankle in early Sept. it was ok still sensitive to touch at time. I have been sitting before the joovv and my ankle has never felt so good. my dog and I go for our long walks again. My body feel strong, I did my first arobic class today with no problems. I feel so good in the morning after doing my twenty minute sessions thanks.... it one of the best decision I've and don't feel I will every regret. "
Willa F.
"My husband and I have been using the Joovv light for a little over one month. I has eliminated 75% of my age spots on my hands and reduced the fine line on my face. My husband's age spots on his hands and arms are reduced 70%, it is so amazing and hard to believe. My husband also has back injury from an accident, which has been helped by 25%. I would advise anyone interested in better skin, reduced back, and joint pain, buy this! I am totally in love with the Joovv light!!"
Linda S.