Full-Body Red Light Therapy

Say goodbye to those tiny handheld devices. And say hello to the Joovv Light. Treat your entire body in just a few minutes per day.

“Photobiomodulation is an effective way to improve your mitochondrial health that is frequently overlooked. I have used the Joovv™ Max with the combo configuration for a year and have been very impressed with its health benefits and highly recommend it for anyone seeking to optimize their overall health.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, Founder of, the World's #1

Natural Health Website

Discover the Science of Red Light Therapy

Similar to the nutrients in whole food, each color of light has its own unique effect on our bodies.


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Patent-Pending Design

Designed to hang on the back of a door, the convenient, patent-pending Joovv Light stays out of your way until you're ready to use it.

Advised by the Best

A member of our scientific advisory board, Dr. Michael Hamblin is one of the world's leading researchers in the field of light therapy with over 300 published studies on photobiomodulation.

Used by the Best

"The Joovv Light is my go-to device for full-body light therapy."

Ben Greenfield

Voted America’s Top Personal Trainer

"My wife and I absolutely love our Joovv Light."

Pete Evans

World-Renowned Chef and TV Host

 “The Joovv™ Light helps me recover faster and stronger. I love it!”

TJ Dillashaw

UFC Champion

How it Works

Hang Your Joovv Light

Using the custom hook, hang it on the door that’s most convenient for you

Turn the Power On

It's super easy. Just flip the green button on and you're ready to go!

Enjoy Red Light Therapy

Experience the benefits by sitting or standing about six inches away.


Every Joovv Light ships free within the domestic U.S. and is backed by our 60-day, hassle-free return policy.

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