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Bright Ideas from the Joovv Blog

Take a closer look at Joovv and the world of light therapy.

Red Light Therapy for Healing Injuries, Wounds, Scars, an...

Red light therapy is a safe, natural way to speed up the healing process and lower pain and inflammation for burns, wounds, surgery incis...

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Joovvin’ with Sanne Wevers, Gold Medal Gymnast

In this special guest post written by Dutch gymnast Sanne Wevers, the world’s reigning gold medalist in women’s balance beam explains ho...

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Red Light Therapy for Stroke Recovery

Recent research is showing red light therapy can be an effective, natural treatment for stroke-related muscle spasticity.

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Red Light Therapy Improves the Healing of Bone Injuries a...

Clinical research is showing positive results for red light therapy and bone health, especially for the treatment and healing of bone inj...

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