The Surprising Synergy Between Keto and Red Light Therapy

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People who combine the keto diet with Joovv red light therapy are seeing some pretty incredible health results. This informative article breaks down the synergy between keto and red light.

The ketogenic diet and daily red light therapy are powerful and complementary health interventions. They produce positive health results by targeting and optimizing our existing biological functions, starting in the mitochondria of our cells. 

Keto: More than Just Diet

To understand why Joovv and keto go so well together, it helps to think about how important natural light is to human health. Light is a lot like food. Our bodies respond to it—just like they do to proteins, fats, and carbs, especially during different parts of the day. The human body is designed to run on an abundance of natural light just like it’s designed to run on whole foods, so the mitochondria in our cells can turn both into energy to power our bodies.

Just like some people eat diets full of processed foods that don’t give their body enough nutrients, most people get an overload of junky artificial light and don’t get nearly enough natural light for optimal physical function.

We’re inside all day, we’re at work, we’re in our car, it gets dark too early in the winter, etc. You could be killing it on the keto diet—eating healthy, working out, and hydrating. But if you’re not getting enough light in your life, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

Keto + Red Light Therapy for Optimal Results

Most people don’t live in a state of ketosis, but the process is absolutely something our bodies know how to do, and by adding the right ingredients, we unleash that natural potential within us. When we make and burn energy more efficiently, everything works better. The same is true with red light therapy.

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More Energy with Keto and Red Light

Red and near infrared wavelengths of light have the unique ability to change the viscosity of water during the cellular respiration process, enabling our bodies to produce energy more efficiently. Both light therapy and keto are about giving our body better natural ingredients so we can do what we’re designed to do better. That’s why both keto and light therapy often produce full-body, too-good-to-be-true benefits in a short amount of time.

Mightier Mitochondria: Both keto and red light therapy have a big effect on your mitochondria, the so-called “powerhouses of the cell.” With keto, you force those powerhouses to burn fatty acids and ketones instead of glucose. Like red light therapy, this reduces the oxidative stress that slows down our energy systems.

Ketosis gives your mitochondria better fuel quality and lowers oxidative stress. Natural red and NIR light will stimulate the mitochondria at the same time to produce more cellular energy. Together, ketosis and red light therapy allows your cells to work more efficiently, leading to systemic improvements.

Optimizing Keto Health Goals with Red Light Therapy

Both keto and red light therapy have shown great results for increasing energy and physical performance, aiding fat loss, and lowering inflammation and reducing pain.

Better Sleep with Red Light Therapy: Researchers have actually found that red light therapy treatments cause the brain to produce more natural melatonin. Bright artificial light does the exact opposite, especially if you’re staring at blue-lit screens at night and tricking your brain into thinking it’s daytime. You can read more about red light therapy and the sleep benefits here.

Less Pain and Inflammation with Red Light: Lots of people succeeding with keto diets are seeing reductions in inflammation and joint pain. Because red light therapy has similar effects on inflammation and pain, combining it with keto is even better than one or the other.

Red light’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects have been well-documented across numerous clinical trials. Read more about red light and inflammation here. Read more about Joovvin’ for less joint pain here.

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Decreasing Harmful Deuterium with Joovv

Deuterium is a big, heavy hydrogen isotope that limits our cellular energy production by essentially smashing up the nanomotors in our mitochondria (think of nanomotors almost like cylinders in a car engine). Where does deuterium come from? Primarily our diets. Processed foods, especially those glucose-making carbohydrates, contain a lot of deuterium. This is yet another advantage of a ketogenic diet: it’s very very low in deuterium, so in addition to revving up our energy production, it keeps deuterium from gunking it up.

Red light therapy also plays a unique role in limiting deuterium damage in the mitochondria. Joovv works closely with the Center for Deuterium Depletion, which has conducted some really fascinating research on this troublesome hydrogen isotope that most people have no idea is slowing them down. Check out this post for a breakdown.

Wavelengths of red light from a Joovv full-body system resonate with hydrogen, which changes the viscosity of interfacial water, and allows for more efficient energy production.*
joovv Laszlo Boros, M.D.

Laszlo Boros, M.D.

Professor at UCLA

Are You Ready for Red Light?

Keto and Joovv are a powerful health combination. Both help optimize our body’s natural functions by stimulating mitochondria and improving our energy production. Both keto and red light therapy have shown great results for increasing energy and physical performance, aiding fat loss, and lowering inflammation and reducing pain. If you’re ready to take your health and your ketogenic diet and lifestyle to the next level, consider adding a Joovv full-body light therapy device to your home so you can always get the natural light you need for optimal health. 

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