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Smaller Size, Same Joovv Power

The Joovv Go puts the power of light therapy in the palm of your hand. Enjoy the same health benefits and short treatment times—anywhere you go.

Truly Portable Light Therapy

Take your light therapy anywhere. Slip the Joovv Go into your purse or backpack. Bring it to the office or gym. Take it on the plane, or on the road. It’s light therapy, on your terms.

Wireless & Rechargeable

Use the Joovv Go wirelessly from anywhere for max convenience & ultimate portability. Plus, every device comes with a sleek travel case.

Lightweight & Handheld

Clinically-relevant light therapy has never been more convenient, personal, and affordable.

Medical-Grade LEDs

Efficient electrostatic-coated LEDs deliver therapeutic red or near infrared light, with no wasted power or unnecessary heat.