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This Natural Treatment for Joint Pain has Been a Game-Changer for Arthritis and Chronic Inflammation

You probably already know the conventional approach to arthritis, joint pain, and inflammation. Manage symptoms over time, usually indefinitely. Risky surgeries. Prescription drugs with unnerving lists of side effects and major health risks. New medical research is showing promise for a safe and natural solution...

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No surprise so many of the 50+ million Americans with arthritic joint pain are looking for more natural, effective treatments. Many of them, including doctors and leading health experts, are seeing major joint pain reduction with red light therapy.

Light therapy’s natural healing effects on arthritis, joint pain, and inflammation have been well-documented across hundreds of peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled clinical trials over the last three decades. It’s 100% natural, noninvasive, and drug-free.

A Wealth of Medical Science Shows Red Light Therapy Works

Here’s an overview of the clinical research about light therapy’s positive effects on arthritis and joint pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief: A systematic review in The Journal of Rheumatology found significant results across thirteen randomized arthritis trials, going back to the 1980s. The best results were demonstrated in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, with light therapy reducing participants’ pain by 70 percent compared to the placebo. [1]

Less Morning Stiffness: Red light therapy also reduced morning stiffness in participants by 27.5 minutes, and significantly increased hand flexibility. [1]

Less Osteoarthritis Knee Pain: Since 2015, a chorus of studies in major journals have found that natural red light therapy significantly reduces knee pain from osteoarthritis, without any invasive procedures. [2,3,4,5,6]

Increased Range of Motion: Recent research on knee pain builds on previous research showing red light therapy not only decreases knee pain, but also increases functionality and range of motion. [7,8]

Treating Meniscus Tears, Avoiding Surgery: European researchers concluded light therapy “should be considered in patients with meniscal tears who do not wish to undergo surgery.” [9]

Cartilage Regeneration: A 2017 study in Lasers in Medical Science analyzed knee cartilage in animal studies and found red light significantly reduced pain and improved knee cartilage regeneration through “biochemical changes.” In other words, it addressed root causes, not just numbed symptoms. [10]

General Knee Pain: Red light therapy can improve general joint problems that are unrelated to arthritis as well. A systematic review in The Australian Journal of Physiotherapy looked at 11 clinical trials of light therapy for chronic joint disorders in the knee. Across all of these studies, red light therapy reduced pain while improving overall joint function. [11]

Hand Osteoarthritis in Women: A systematic review in Lasers in Medical Science found red light plus ultrasound showed significantly reduced pain in women with osteoarthritis in their hands. This meta-analysis also documented extensive, positive results for the use of light therapy for arthritis in the knees, neck, back, jaw, and other areas. [12]

Natural Health Experts and Top Fitness Trainers Recommend Red Light Therapy

Paleo Mom’s Fibromyalgia Joint Pain is Gone: Research matches the experiences of daily Joovv users, like Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, aka Paleo Mom. Dr. Sarah has spoken about how just 3 months of using a full-body Joovv every day made her joint pain disappear for the first time in many many years. She called it a major a life-changer and isn’t letting her joint pain creep back. You can see more natural health experts who use Joovv here.

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne
New York Times Best-Selling Author
"Using the Joovv has resulted in improved energy, markedly reduced pain, improved skin, and enhanced weight loss. As you can imagine, I'm a huge fan!"*

Inflammation Relief: Top Hollywood trainer Jorge Cruise says inflammation and joint pain often keep his celebrity clients from working out, so he recommends Joovv red light therapy to keep inflammation down and make training less painful on an everyday basis. Check out other influential trainers and fitness pros who use Joovv here. You can also read this related educational article about red light therapy and reducing inflammation & pain.

Everyday Joovv Users are Seeing Incredible Pain Relief: The joint pain relief experiences of health professionals and their clients, plus the clinical research, all match the positive results of regular Joovv users we hear about every day.

Joint Treatments from Anywhere: Joovv recently launched the first truly portable red light therapy device with clinical power, the new Joovv Go. In addition to being able to take your red light therapy anywhere, the Joovv Go is ideal for targeted wrist, knee, and other joint pain treatments.

Are Ready for Red Light?

Respected medical research matches up with the experiences of top natural health and fitness experts: red light therapy is a safe and effective treatment for treating pain and inflammation. So whether you’re trying to recover from an injury, treat a painful joint, or just looking to feel better, you should consider adding Joovv red light therapy to your daily routine.

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