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The Optimal Ketogenic Pantry, Why You Need to Avoid the Food Pyramid, and the Importance of Vitamin K2: Joovv AMA with Maria Emmerich

Maria Emmerich Joovv AMA

According to Jimmy Moore - Maria Emmerich is hands down the best ketogenic recipe maker on the planet.  Not only that, but her book, 'Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking' has been called the "bible for ketogenic adaptation".  

Maria is a nutritionist, wellness expert, and international best-selling author of 9 books.  And as you can imagine, her website is incredibly popular.

We were honored when she agreed to participate in a Joovv AMA.  So without further ado, here are Maria's answers to your questions…

If I opened up your fridge right now, what would I see?

Kerrygold butter, unsweetened cashew milk, leaf lard, beef tallow, cheese, grass fed hamburger, cream cheese, sour cream, salsa, tomato sauce, cabbage, etc. Here's my pantry in more detail.

What 3 supplements can you not afford to live without?

Magnesium, bifidobacteria, and Vitamin K2. Most people are magnesium deficient. We used to get lots of magnesium from our water - but now with filtered water, city water, etc. - it's difficult to get much magnesium.  And magnesium is essential for many reasons.

Bifidobacteria is really important as well because of it's positive impact on gut health - which is related to so many things (immune system, digestion, etc).

K2 regulates calcium metabolism and we get it from naturally fermented foods and organ meats, which people just don't eat anymore. K2 helps to deliver calcium where it should be (bones) and keeps it out of where it shouldn't (arterial plaque, kidney stones, etc).

What is something you enjoy that most people would be surprised to learn?

I love to bow hunt. I have since I was a kid with my father and it is a great way to zen out in the woods and enjoy nature...and to get some organic meats!

Obviously, you're well-known for your ketogenic recipes. Do you have 1-2 staples that you recommend for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Egg are great anytime. A really perfect food. I also only eat two meals a day with intermittent fasting so all food is eaten in a 6-hour window during the day. This is great for the metabolism. I also like meat, especially organ meats, as they are super high in nutrients. Liver is great!

Have you used red light therapy?  If so, did it work?

I haven't, but I do understand the importance of light in regards to health. Especially circadian light. I wear my blue-blocking glasses every night! :)

What is the most important piece of advice you could give someone that is working on healing their metabolism?

Get your carbs low (shoot for 20 grams or less per day) and keep your protein moderate.  A good protein amount is approximately 0.7 times your lean body mass in grams of protein per day.

Your book, ‘Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism’, was a huge success. What's next for you?

I do have a great new book - 'Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking' - it's a top seller.  And my new book - 'The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse' - is coming out soon!

Starting over at 18 knowing everything you know now, what would you do differently?

I wouldn't have wasted my time learning about the food pyramid and low-fat eating. It damaged my metabolism for years!

What person(s) of influence are you closely following right now?

There is some really great science happening right now, especially in regards to keto lifestyles. The Keto Summit features some great speakers on this topic, including me. :)

If you could put a billboard anywhere, what would it say and where would you put it?

Probably something along the lines of, "Carbs damage your body and health - avoid them at all costs!"  There is no dietary need for carbs when you are keto-adapted. And I'd put this billboard everywhere!

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Thanks for submitting your questions for Maria!  And thanks again to Maria Emmerich for being a part of the Joovv AMA family!  Also, don't forget to check out Maria's site when you get a chance. 

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