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Joovv Versus Other LED Light Therapy Devices

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a light therapy device. And there are also a lot of manufacturers making different products with different marketing claims. That can make things difficult for consumers trying to compare devices and choose the best light therapy option for their health needs.

This article is a summary of how Joovv compares with other LED light therapy manufacturers in 6 key areas: treatment area, total light output, personalization, wavelengths, safety, and service. We hope this dispels some of the myths around light therapy and arms you with the right questions to ask.

    Treatment Area Matters

    Size is critical in light therapy. Targeted treatment areas can work wonders for specific areas of the body, like a painful joint. But to experience the full range of light therapy benefits, including energy optimization, it’s best to treat your whole body with a uniform, consistent dosage. You simply can’t do that with a small device. Look for light therapy products with enough coverage to get the job done for your whole body.


    Joovv offers industry-leading device sizes for larger treatment areas and optimal results.

    In addition to larger devices, Joovv is the only light therapy manufacturer with a modular design that allows you to connect devices and build a full-body system right away, or over time.

    Other Manufacturers:

    Most devices on the market are small, and only designed to treat a very localized area of your body. Some offer a single panel setup that’s just large enough to treat your whole face. But only Joovv provides the full coverage needed for optimal results.

    Side note: Joovv has the only truly portable light therapy device with clinical power too. Targeted treatments do work for localized issues, as long as they deliver the right wavelengths and are sufficiently powered. That’s why we designed our Joovv Go to be the first truly portable light therapy device with medical-grade power. Handheld, wireless, and rechargeable, it lets you take red light therapy anywhere—at work, on the road, or different rooms of your home.

    Look at Total Power Output

    Comparing the power of light therapy devices can be confusing. For one, measuring the power of light is complex, and it’s nearly impossible to get accurate readings with inexpensive home meters. Understanding light therapy measurements is made even more difficult by manufacturers that make sensational claims about the power of their devices.

    We commissioned an independent 3rd party to test leading devices and included the results in this detailed guide about understanding and measuring the power of light therapy devices. Check that out for a full rundown, but here’s the summary:


    We’re transparent about our independently-verified power measurements. Where other manufacturers only measure irradiance, we follow the lead of the medical community and measure total power output, which takes into account treatment area size as well as irradiance.

    Other Manufacturers:

    Many don’t even publish accurate power data. Others do publish data, but it’s not independently verified. Even if a light therapy company is transparent with their irradiance specifications, most products are drastically underpowered. It’s pretty routine to find premium-priced products that deliver irradiance measurements in the 5-10 mW/cm2 range. They may look good, but it’s going to take forever to get a clinically-relevant result.

    The chart below displays certified testing results showing the total energy output in 10 minutes, the total light output, and the surface area for different LED light therapy devices.

    How Joovv Compares to Other LED Red Light Therapy Products

    As you can see, a Joovv Solo gives you far more total energy output, and it covers a much larger surface area. Device A & Device B are generic red light panels that are clearly not capable of providing the full coverage and total energy needed for optimal light therapy results.

    Harvard researcher Dr. Michael Hamblin, a member of Joovv’s scientific advisory board, sums up it well: “When you look at total energy and total power, you can see that the Joovv Solo actually delivers almost twice as much energy than Device A, while the Joovv Elite delivers almost ten times as much energy as Device A. Device B is clearly inferior to all the others, and based on the data, the Joovv Elite is almost a staggering 100 times better.”

    We summarized how Joovv matches up in this graph below:

    Joovv is More Powerful and Treats a Larger Area Versus Other Light Therapy Devices

    Personalized Light Therapy is Best

    Everyone’s treatment needs are different, so why should a light therapy device be one-size-fits-all? Before you buy, evaluate your health goals and see which devices can be customized to meet your needs, in your space, and on your time.


    Our unique modular design is the most customizable light therapy system available. We mentioned above how you can connect multiple devices for optimal treatment. You can also link your Joovv with any Bluetooth-enabled device and track your progress on the Joovv app.

    The Joovv devices can be used in many ways and places. You can hang it on a door, lean it against a wall, use our desktop stand, or utilize the mobile stand just about anywhere. Whatever your space and treatment areas are, Joovv can be modified to meet your needs. Plus the Joovv Go is the most powerful light therapy device that’s totally portable and handheld.

    Other Manufacturers:

    No other light therapy devices match Joovv’s modular design when it comes to personal feel and customization. The ability to connect devices and customize to almost any space is completely unique to Joovv.

    Choose Clinically-Proven Wavelengths of Light

    Not all wavelengths of light are effective. The red and near infrared range from about 600 to 1000 nanometers (nm) has been researched extensively and found to be the most clinically therapeutic. [1]

    But even in that window, not every wavelength is effective. Red light in the mid-600nm range and near infrared light in the mid-800nm range have been found to be the most beneficial at the cellular level. [2] The graph below shows this:

    CCO Activation by Red and NIR Light 


    Offers scientifically-proven red and near infrared wavelengths in the mid-600 & mid-800 nm range. Joovv’s devices also give you the ability to mix and match between red and near infrared, or switch each wavelength on and off.

    Other Manufacturers:

    Many devices deliver multiple wavelengths at the same time, but without the ability to switch back and forth. In addition, make sure to check which wavelengths a device uses. For example, light in the 700-770 nm range has actually been found to have limited usefulness. [3] It’s basically the red light equivalent of a filler, so avoid devices that include those wavelengths. If a manufacturer isn’t upfront about which wavelengths they deliver, they may be hiding something.

    Side Note on Blue Lights or “SAD Lights” Versus Red Light Therapy: Red light therapy is a treatment modality with a wealth of clinical research behind it. That is not the case of artificial bright light devices like “SAD lamps” that claim to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression. These SAD lamps are sometimes classified under the category of “light therapy” as well, so it’s an important distinction. These types of products are really just illumination lamps, but they don’t deliver clinically-relevant wavelengths of natural light, and many manufacturers of these devices acknowledge that they don’t actually attempt to treat seasonal mood disorders.

    Safety and Accountability

    You have to be able to trust that your device is safe and that the manufacturer is on a legitimate level. Unfortunately, not all of them are.

    Before you buy, ask these 3 key questions of any light therapy manufacturer:

    1. Are they open about their product specs, like power measurements and wavelengths? If you have to hunt that data down, it’s a bad sign.
    2. Are their product specs and power measurements independently verified, or is it just the manufacturer’s word?
    3. Has the product and production process been cleared by the FDA? If not, why?


    We always make our product specifications transparent and explain what they mean. The power of our devices has been verified by an independent 3rd party, and our whole production process has been cleared by the FDA, and passed rigorous safety & quality testing.

    Other Manufacturers:

    Most manufacturers make it difficult to find their specs, especially power measurements. If they are provided, it's rare to find independently-verified data. Also, there's a growing number of companies trying to make a quick buck that are not FDA-cleared. Watch out for those.

    Service and Warranty

    Beyond the device itself, what are you getting from a light therapy manufacturer? Do they offer a good warranty and product support after you buy?


    Our devices and their medical-grade LEDs are extremely durable, but if something goes wrong, we’re here to help. We make repairs in the United States—parts and labor free of charge within the designated warranty period. We also offer an industry-leading 60-day trial for our modular devices, as well as 0% & 24-month financing options. Plus, nearly 24/7 online customer service for any questions you might have.

    Other Manufacturers:

    Many don’t back up their products beyond 6 months or a year, and if something goes wrong, you’re on your own.

    Health and Fitness Leaders Trust Joovv Light Therapy

    Joovv’s red light therapy devices offer the most power and largest treatment areas on the market, with the clinically-proven wavelengths, plus nearly limitless ways to customize. You can see these statistics in the graphs we’ve included, but the proof of Joovv’s effectiveness is also in all the health & fitness leaders who trust Joovv for their own red light therapy.

    Natural Health Experts: From Dr. Joseph Mercola to Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (aka Paleo Mom), leading doctors in natural health are recommending and using Joovv. Dr. Sarah said it’s been a total game-changer for her joint pain. They’re joined by leading natural health writers like Dave Asprey, Mark Sisson, Rob Wolf, and Luke Storey. See more natural health leaders who trust Joovv here.

    World-Class Trainers: Ben Greenfield has been named America’s top trainer, and he’s using Joovv for muscle recovery, energy, sex drive, and healthy sleep. Hollywood super-trainer Jorge Cruise says he uses Joovv with his celebrity clients to fight pain and inflammation. The late great Olympic trainer and world-famous strength coach Charles Poliquin told us in 2018 that some people think Joovv is an “unfair competitive advantage” even though it’s 100% natural. See more top trainers and fitness pros who swear by Joovv here.

    Professional Athletes: In the NFL, stars like Patrick Peterson, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Keenan Allen are using Joovv to train and stay healthy, while in the UFC, champion TJ Dillashaw uses Joovv to recover from grueling workouts and boost his sexual performance. In the NBA, the Washington Wizards have incorporated Joovv. Team USA Olympic volleyball star Lauren Fendrick Joovvs too, along with hundreds of other elite pro athletes. See more of the sports pros who are using Joovv for peak physical performance and muscle recovery here.

    Bottom Line: Joovv is the Leader in Red Light Therapy

    There are a lot of manufacturers and light therapy devices to choose from. Before you buy, make sure to compare products and ask key questions about treatment area, power, personalization, and wavelengths.

    We’ve outlined why we believe our devices deliver the best in-home light therapy: larger treatment areas, more total power output, the ability to customize to your needs & space, the right clinical wavelengths of light, FDA-cleared production, best-in-class service, and the portable Joovv Go. Plus all the trusted doctors, trainers, and elite athletes using Joovv every day with great results.

    Check out our groundbreaking modular design and see which red light therapy approach makes sense for you.

    (This article is intended to help you compare LED light therapy devices. If you’re interested in learning how light therapy compares to saunas, check out this article. And if you’d like to learn how LED devices differ from infrared heat lamps, check out this popular piece.)

    Scientific Sources and Medical References:

    [1] Karu TI, Pyatibrat LV, Kalendo GS, Esenaliev RO. Effects of monochromatic low-intensity light and laser irradiation on adhesion of HeLa cells in vitro. 1996;18(2):171-7.

    [2] Hamblin, M. Mechanisms of low level light therapy. Retrieved from

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    Joovv light therapy products are indicated for use in the relief of muscle and joint pain, including arthritis and muscle spasm pain, and increasing of blood circulation, and relaxation of muscles. The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to support the safety or effectiveness of Joovv devices, or diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It's not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your healthcare provider, and should not be construed as medical advice.

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