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Mike Bledsoe on Metaphysics and the Importance of "Play" When it Comes to Training: Joovv AMA with the Host of Barbell Shrugged

Joovv AMA with Mike Bledsoe

Mike Bledsoe is the CEO of Barbell Shrugged, home of the #1 fitness podcast on iTunes. If that's not enough, he also runs Fitr.tv - a production company for health and fitness media - and is CrossFit Level One certified.  Mike is a Navy veteran, holds a Health & Human Performance degree from the University of Memphis, and has certified training credentials with both USA Weightlifting Performance and the National Strength & Conditioning Association.

Mike approaches his domain with a unique and integrated perspective. He sees no line between physical and mental health. As an adjunct professor at the University of Memphis or guest speaking elsewhere on fitness and business development, he views the potential of his students and clients as a single unit of capacity. 

Obviously, we were honored when Mike agreed to participate in a Joovv AMA.  So without further ado, here are his answers to your questions…

What is the one fitness activity you hate doing the most, but yields the best results?

I don't hate any fitness activities. In fact, I don't participate in anything that I don't love. I try to make everything I do "play".  And if it doesn't work, I look for something else. There's enough work being done. Play is where it's at.

If I opened up your fridge right now, what would I see?

Avocados, salsa, bone broth, eggs, cinnamon-raisin bread, an assortment of berries, rotisserie chicken, cabbage, watermelon, sauerkraut, fitaid, partyaid, kombucha, mushrooms, lemons, onions, sprouts, celery, asparagus, fermented beet juice, probiotics and a few other supplements.

You've had some phenomenal guests on your #1 rated podcast?  It's a tough question, but what are your 1 or 2 favorite episodes of all time?

It's hard to say. My experience with most people has been amazing. What was caught on camera doesn't usually do it justice. Joe DeSena is amazing, Julien Pineau is great too. Tim Ferriss was definitely a highlight.

Have you ever used light therapy (photobiomodulation)?  If so, what type of results did you experience?

I have not, but I am interested.

If you could teach a class on one thing (unrelated to health and fitness), what would it be?


What 3 supplements can you not afford to live without?

Metamorphosis and Super Human Probiotics by Elemental WizdomMax Adrenal by Nova Three Labs, and Qualia by Neurohacker Collective.

Your Barbell Shrugged training programs are incredibly popular.  It's like asking a parent which kid is their favorite, but I'll ask anyway.  What's your favorite program?

Shrugged Strength Challenge. I'm always a fan of our latest and greatest. We keep getting better at what we do and we are always finding what's most effective for the average person in our programs. As I get older, I find myself getting smarter in the realm of training, and I always try to surround myself with people who do the same. That program was a collaboration of a lot of experience from my team.

What is something you enjoy that most people would be surprised to learn?

I'm such an open book on social media, so I'm not sure anyone is going to be surprised by anything. I consume cannabis (enough to scare myself).  I also play around with training techniques for 2-3 hours at a time, once a week. I've learned the most about training and exploring movement last year.

What person(s) of influence are you closely following right now?


If you could put a billboard anywhere, what would it say and where would you put it?

I’d put, "Who is Mike Bledsoe?" in Times Square.


Thanks again to Mike Bledsoe for being a part of the Joovv AMA family!  And don't forget to check out his podcast when you get a chance.  It comes highly recommended!

If you missed the chance to submit your question for this AMA, stay tuned for the next one.  We'll let you know in advance on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.