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How to Choose Your Joovv

If you’re ready to boost your health & fitness with red light therapy, you’ve come to the right place!

Joovv is the leading manufacturer of personal, in-home red light therapy devices, with 7 different sizes, customizable setups, and the most clinically-powerful light therapy on the market. If you’re just getting started, all those options might be a little overwhelming. In this post, we’ll cover the main features of our devices to help you figure out which Joovv red light therapy experience makes sense for you. We’ll touch on device size, setup options, wavelengths, and other basics of a red light therapy treatment.

If you’re wondering how red light therapy works, you can also check out this post for a summary of the science.

What You Get with Every Joovv Red Light Therapy Device

Before we jump into the differences between Joovv models, here’s a look at what’s standard across the board for our 5 full-body devices (we also offer 2 smaller Joovv sizes for targeted treatments, and we’ll cover those in a bit).

  • Powerful light therapy: Joovv offers the most powerful red light therapy devices, as tested and proven by the respected independent diagnostics laboratory, ITL. And it’s not close. Joovv’s devices deliver the most total energy, with the largest coverage areas. To learn more about light therapy power, check out this post
  • Clinically-proven wavelengths of natural light: Not all wavelengths on the light spectrum are created equal. Clinical research has consistently shown that red and near infrared (NIR) light is most effective for human health. And those are precisely the wavelengths Joovv devices use, for maximum efficacy. You can even switch between the two, or combine them together (more on that in a bit).
  • High-quality LEDs: Those powerful red and NIR wavelengths are delivered by Joovv’s medical-grade LEDs, which are electrostatic-coated to prevent “mirroring” and lost energy.
  • Short treatment times: Clinical power and big coverage areas mean shorter, more convenient treatment times. 10-15 minutes a day is all it takes with a full-body Joovv. 
  • Built-in technology: Personalize your Joovv setup with the Joovv app, for one-touch control and the flexibility to pair with several connected home devices like Amazon Alexa.

    Now let’s figure out the best Joovv for you.

    Full-Body Therapy or Targeted Light Therapy Treatments?

    If you’re ready to start Joovvin’ and improvin’ your health, a good first question to ask is whether you want a larger, full-body device—or if you’d rather start with a smaller model for targeted treatments.

    Targeted treatments: If you’re only looking to treat a specific area of your body, like a painful joint or for facial skin rejuvenation, you can start with one of our two smaller models: the Joovv Go or the Joovv Mini.

    The Joovv Go is handheld, wireless, and extremely portable. Unlike our larger, full-body models, you can charge the Joovv Go, pop it in your purse or bag, and hit the road. This is a great option for people who want to do red light therapy treatments away from home. The Joovv Go is also our most affordable model, and you have the option of a device that delivers red wavelengths OR near infrared (NIR) wavelengths. By comparison, all of our larger devices feature both types of wavelengths, which you can manage through the built-in control panel. You can see all the technical specs of the Joovv Go here.

    The Joovv Mini, on the other hand, is larger than the handheld Joovv Go, and it’s designed to hang on a door or be used with a tabletop stand rather than wireless, anywhere use like with the Go. But the Joovv Mini is similar to the Joovv Go in that both are designed for targeted treatments of specific areas, not full-body therapy. The Go and Mini still deliver the same clinical power as our larger devices, but over a smaller area. You can see all the Joovv Mini’s technical specs here.

    Thinking about targeted versus full-body treatments: The difference between these smaller, targeted devices and our larger models is similar to the difference between a sink and a full shower. Both may deliver the same water quality at the same rate of power, but because of the difference in size and coverage, a shower makes way more sense for a quick, full-body wash, while the sink is ideal for targeting specific areas like washing your hands.

    Check out this comparison graph of all the Joovv models to see how the sizes differ:

    Compare Joovv Red Light Therapy Device Sizes

    Full-Body Red Light Therapy with Joovv’s Modular Design

    Size matters when it comes to red light therapy. Covering more of your body with therapeutic wavelengths leads to better results because more of your cells are able to soak in that light and make more energy for your body. Joovv offers some of the largest red light therapy devices on the market, with broad coverage areas, for the best full-body results. This is all accomplished through our unique, patent-pending modular design.

    Modular design: Other red light therapy devices are one-and-done, and one-size-fits-all. You get what you get out of the box and that’s that. Joovv takes a different approach that’s more user-friendly and customizable. Our unique modular design allows you to either start with a full-body system (with something like the Joovv Quad or Joovv Elite), or build one over time. How? Sort of similar to LEGO blocks, Joovv’s modular devices come in different sizes, but they’re designed to combine and work together. Two Joovvs can be combined to make a larger, more powerful one. And everything is connected and at your fingertips for one-touch control. That gives Joovv users options, both for how they want to set-up their treatments, and how they want to improve their system over time.

    You can read more about our modular design here.

    You can also read this post to dig deeper into why size and coverage are so vital for effective red light therapy.

    Now let’s take a closer look at our modular, full-body devices and see what makes sense for you.

    Joovv’s Powerful, Full-Body Red Light Therapy Devices

    Ready for the best in red light therapy? We offer 5 different configurations for full-body treatments, so you can start with a full professional set-up, or start a bit smaller with the option to build out and expand your system later. You can always upgrade your Joovv setup at any time by adding additional devices or choosing a different mounting kit (we’ll talk more about our different set-up configurations below).

    Here’s an overview of Joovv’s 5 largest, modular devices:

    Joovv Solo (8.75” x 36”)

    The Joovv Solo is the foundation of our modular system, and the beginning of a full-body setup. Start with a Solo and upgrade over time to a Joovv Duo, Max, Quad, or Elite.

    Joovv Duo (8.75” x 72”)

    Combining the clinical power of 2 Joovv Solos, the Duo is ideal for starting an advanced modular, full-body light therapy system. It adds power, coverage, and convenience to an existing Joovv Solo setup.

    Joovv Max (17.5" x 51")

    The Joovv Max offers clinically powerful light therapy with short treatment times. Comprised of 2 Joovv Minis and 2 Joovv Solos, it offers convenient and affordable full-body light therapy. Starting under $3,000, you won’t find a more economical full-body system with clinical-grade power.

    Joovv Quad (17.5” x 72”)

    Combining the clinical power of 4 Joovv Solos, the Quad offers full-body light therapy and is the same setup that health experts and world-class trainers use on a daily basis.

    Joovv Elite (26.25” x 72”)

    This is the top of the line full-body light therapy that combines 6 Joovv Solos. The Elite is the largest and most powerful system available—and is used by pro athletes and health & fitness experts across the world. This is the model you’ll find in NBA & NFL locker rooms and world-class spas & health clinics. You can see the pro athletes using Joovv here.

    Comparing Joovv’s Full-Body Light Therapy Devices

    The Joovv Elite provides the most treatment coverage from head to toe and from side to side. The Joovv Quad and Joovv Max are both great options for full-body treatments, covering a bit less than the Elite at a lower price (but with the same medical-grade power output).

    The Joovv Duo is a solid way to go if you want full-body treatments, but aren’t as concerned about lateral coverage. And lastly, the Joovv Solo is a very nice starter device, but will require a few treatments for total full-body coverage.

    To choose the best Joovv for you, think about your health goals, how much of your body you’re hoping to cover, and how short you want your treatments to be. Of course, your budget and the space where you plan to use your device will also come into play.

    Which Joovv Setup Works For Your Space?

    As we mentioned earlier, there are several ways to set up and use your Joovv—depending on which model or configuration you’ve chosen and how you plan to experience your treatment sessions.

    The Joovv Go puts the power of light therapy in the palm of your hand. Enjoy the same health benefits and short treatment times—anywhere you go. Plus, every device comes with a sleek travel case.

    The Joovv Mini is the only model compatible with the Mini Stand, a user-friendly tabletop option. If you’re treating a targeted area, this can be super convenient—and lets you multitask while you Joovv. Answering emails just got a lot healthier!

    The Joovv Solo, Joovv Duo, Joovv Max, and Joovv Quad can be hung from any standard-sized door by using the door mounting kit that’s included—free of charge. The door mount makes storage incredibly convenient—just keep your Joovv out of the way until you’d like to use it.

    The Joovv Max, Joovv Quad, and Joovv Elite can be installed on a mobile, wheeled platform. The Mobile Stand is sleek, portable, and can be used anywhere. It allows for ultimate flexibility when planning your treatment sessions.

    Lastly, if the door mount or mobile stand aren’t preferable, you can use the wall setup kit with the Joovv Max, Joovv Quad, and Joovv Elite.  With add-on rubber feet and an anti-tip kit, you can simply lean the entire system against the wall of your choice.

    Installing your Joovv with any of these mounts is super easy, and we’ve created additional videos that walk you through every step of the installation process.

    Red or Near Infrared Wavelengths?

    With the handheld Joovv Go, you choose between a red light model or a near infrared (NIR) model. Larger Joovvs feature both types of wavelengths, allowing you to pick one or combine them for a treatment.

    So what’s the difference between red and NIR light?

    Red light is in the mid-600s nanometer range on the visible light spectrum, while NIR light is in the mid-800s. The graph below shows the entire light spectrum if you’re not familiar. These are the components that make up full sunlight, with all its various colors and wavelengths. Remember: Joovv devices don’t deliver wavelengths that have not been clinically proven for human health. We only use the narrow range of wavelengths found to be the most effective for cellular regeneration and energy production.

    Visible Light Spectrum

    That’s pretty academic. So how do these wavelengths of light affect your body?

    Red light is easily absorbed by the outer layers of your skin and has been clinically proven to enhance skin health in numerous ways.

    NIR light is a bit different. NIR light generates the same healthy cellular response as red light, but with the added ability to penetrate deeper into skin tissue. This deeper treatment leads to benefits like the reduction in joint pain & inflammation and faster muscle recovery.

    A combination of red and near infrared light for both types of benefits is the most popular choice among Joovv users. And it makes sense: using both types of light provides the most flexibility, since your body benefits from both skin-level and deep-tissue enhancements. And remember, every Joovv modular device includes the option of switching between red, near infrared, or using both at the same time.

    Ready to Start Joovvin’?

    We’ve gone over the most important factors to consider when choosing a Joovv, and shown you how our 7 device sizes compare and differ. If you’re ready to invest in your health and wellness with a new Joovv, check out all our devices here.

    60-day trial period: We want people to be able to experience red light therapy without getting locked in after a purchase. We’re confident you’ll love red light therapy in your home, so we offer a 60-day free return period for all our modular devices and a 14-day trial for the Joovv Go. If red light therapy isn’t for you, just send it back to us for a full refund.

    You can see what real Joovv customers are saying about their red light therapy experience here.

    2-year warranty: Joovv’s devices are ready to go the distance, with the highest quality LEDs and sleek, durable hardware. Purchases of our modular devices come with a 2-year warranty and the wireless Joovv Go includes a 1-year warranty. So on the off chance anything goes wrong, we’ve got you covered.

    World-class service: We’re proud to make some of the best red light therapy devices, but Joovv is more than just the sum total of our products. We’re just as proud of our customer service and our awesome team that’s ready to help you out with any questions about Joovv or red light therapy. Don’t be shy! Hit up our uber-responsive service team with any questions this article didn’t answer.

    Red light therapy education: This article is about Joovv’s devices, but if you want to learn more about the science of red light therapy, and all the proven health benefits, head over to our Learn Library. Red light therapy is backed by hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical studies and trials, and our Learn Library summarizes a lot of that exciting research. There you’ll find more posts explaining the specific benefit areas, like sleep quality, fat loss, physical performance, and joint pain relief.

    Time to get Joovvin’! 

    The information provided in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It's not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your healthcare provider, and should not be construed as medical advice.

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