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Healthy Tips for Traveling, an Avocado/Apple/Hemp Recipe You Don't Want to Miss, and Why You Need to ENJOY EVERY MOMENT: Joovv AMA with Hal Elrod

Joovv AMA with Hal Elrod

Morning routines seem to be all the rage these days.  And rightfully so, a solid morning routine can make huge differences in your daily productivity.  One of the thought leaders when it comes to morning routines is Hal Elrod.  In fact, after reading his book, The Miracle Morning, I started implementing some of Hal's recommendations into my morning schedule.  Admittedly, with 4 kids, my morning routines are still a work in progress. :)  But, I notice a ton of benefits when I start my days the right way.

So who is this Hal Elrod gent?  As I mentioned before, he's the author of The Miracle Morning, which is widely considered one of the most life-changing books ever written.  (Yes, it's that good.)  In addition to being a highly sought-after keynote speaker, Hal has also authored Taking Life Head On!, which is also a bestseller.  Hal's energy is incredibly contagious.  Once you read his stuff or listen to his podcast, you'll be hooked.

Hal was kind enough to participate in a recent Joovv AMA.  So without further ado, here are Hal's questions to your answers...

I travel pretty frequently for business-related events.  But it seems like I’m always lagging.  You travel a fair amount, Hal.  Can you offer 2-3 suggestions that might help?

For me, the key to keeping up my energy while I'm traveling (I'm on planes and in hotels about 8-12 days/month) is managing what I eat; by ensuring that I eat as much raw, plant-based food as possible. Finding these types of foods on the road can be challenging, so I bring healthy snacks with me. For me, healthy snacks include Kale Chips, Superfood Maple Cashews, Gluten Free Peanut Bars, Eggplant Jerky (which I've only found at, and occasionally the (not-so-plant-based) Organic Grass Fed Beef Bars.

If I opened up your fridge right now, what would I see?

Haha, other than whatever my wife keeps on hand for her and our kids, I pretty much eat the same things everyday! The 3 staples of my diet are 1) a green smoothie; 2) an odd combination of avocados, apples, and seeds (which I'll give you the recipe to in a minute); 3) an Acái Bowl (with Maple Pancake Paleo Granola) for dessert.

The green smoothie consists of (all *organic) unsweetened almond milk, young coconut flesh, 3 handfuls of spinach, extra virgin coconut oil, chia seeds, banana, and frozen berries & mangoes.

The avocados, apples, and seeds recipe is something I eat 1-2 times/day, and here's the recipe: First, I make the dressing, which consists of organic hummus, avocado oil, and Braggs Liquid Aminos (just mixed together with a fork into a creamy dressing. Then, the recipe consists of (1) chopped apple, (1) avocado, (1/4 cup) Sprouted Raw Pumpkin Seeds, and (2 tablespoons) of Hemp Seeds - all mixed together.

Do you get 8 hours of sleep per night?

No, I average 6-7 hours of sleep per night.

What 3 supplements can you not afford to live without?

Dr. Schulze Superfood Plus, Dr. Schulze Intestinal Formula #1, and OptiMind.

I’ve been trying to implement some of the tips from your your book, The Miracle Morning, but I’m having a hard time with early-morning meditation.  Seems like I can’t shut of my mind.  Any recommendations?

I recommend trying guided meditations , such as using the app Omvana. Also, I'd recommend reading the book, Meditation for Beginners by Yesena Chavan.

Have you used red light therapy?  If so, did it work?

I haven't tried red light therapy (since I just discovered it yesterday). I'm very interested in it though.

What is something you enjoy that most people would be surprised to learn?

I am an avid UFC/MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fan!

What person(s) of influence are you closely following right now?

Pat Flynn, author of Will It Fly? and host of the Smart Passive Income podcast.

What is the one book that you’ve recommended the most (besides your own)?

Vision to Reality by Honorée Corder.

If you could put a billboard anywhere, what would it say and where would you put it?

"ENJOY EVERY MOMENT" and I'd put it on the busiest freeway in Los Angeles, CA.

(Insert Scott)

Thanks for submitting your questions for Hal!  And thanks again to Hal Elrod for being a part of the Joovv AMA family!  Don't forget to check out Hal's site as well as his podcast.  Once you get a taste of Hal, you won't look back. :)

If you missed the chance to submit your question for this AMA, stay tuned for the next one.  We'll let you know in advance on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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