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Don't Skip the Heavy Squats, Celebrate the Small Wins, and Why a Dog Might be Your Biggest Biohack: Joovv AMA with Dr. Tommy Wood

Joovv AMA with Dr. Tommy Wood

Dr. Tommy Wood has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, a medical degree from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in physiology and neuroscience from the University of Oslo. Impressive, right?  Well, that's not all.  Amongst many other things, he's also the Chief Medical Officer of Nourish Balance Thrive, an online company using advanced biochemical testing to prevent and reverse chronic disease, as well as optimize athletic performance. 

We were honored when Tommy agreed to participate in a Joovv AMA.  So without further ado, here are his answers to your questions…

What’s your favorite healthy, high-fat meal?

Rib-eye steak, roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, and avocado salad.

What is the one fitness activity that you hate doing the most, but yields the best results?  

High-rep and heavy squats. I love to hate them.

If I opened up your fridge right now, what would I see?

Off the top of my head - lots of fresh vegetables (lettuce, zucchini, two types of cabbage, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli), a 4lb London broil, 3 dozen organic pastured eggs, some local cheese, leftover soup, salmon risotto (I roasted a whole sockeye salmon, made a stock from the carcass, and used that to make a risotto), preservative-free bacon and sausages, and some “paleo” condiments (and regular ketchup).

What is the most important piece of advice you could give someone that is working on healing their metabolism?

Be patient, and don’t punish yourself for any setbacks. Remember that everything takes time, and you should celebrate the small wins.

What's one bad habit you're trying to get rid of? And what's your approach to seeing change in this area?

My nose often itches, which makes me rub my face. This runs in my family, often in conjunction with allergies. Though my health is otherwise good, I’m undertaking an elimination diet to see if any specific foods are unexpectedly causing a problem.

What are your favorite hacks to maximize your sleep?

Get outside for 20-30 minutes in the morning. Avoid blue light and screens for at least an hour (ideally at least two hours) before bed. They’re not hacks, they’re what we should all be doing every day!

What 3 supplements can you not afford to live without?

  • Creatine
  • Phat Fibre
  • Coffee

What 1-2 natural, health-centric therapies/biohacks are you most excited about for 2017 and beyond?

My favorite biohack is getting a dog. They get you outside first thing in the morning, force you to walk frequently, and can directly improve your gut health and vagal tone!

Have you used red light therapy? If so, what types of results did you experience?

I use the Joovv Light to balance the blue light that I’m exposed to from screens while I work. It definitely seems to help prevent some of the fatigue I feel from standing in front of a computer all day.

What's the favorite tool, gadget, etc. that you purchased in 2016 for less than $1k?

My Ninja blender. I now get at least 10 servings of vegetables and some berries every morning in a smoothie.

What person(s) of influence are you closely following right now?

Chris Masterjohn, PhD. He recently left academia, became an entrepreneur, and is on fire right now. Find him over at chrismasterjohnphd.com. I also love Robb Wolf’s new book, Wired to Eat. And Mike Muntzel has one of the best health podcasts at the moment (High Intensity Health).

If you could put a billboard anywhere, what would it say and where would you put it?

“Get to the point and give me the references!”

Health books (and other health resources) are often long, repetitive, and self-indulgent. I want a brief summary of what you think, and why. You don’t necessarily need ten scientific studies to support every point (it could just be personal experience), but I just want the short version of your thoughts and the evidence behind them. Then I can make up my own mind (and save a lot of time reading).


Thanks again to Dr. Tommy Wood for being a part of the Joovv AMA family!  Also, don't forget to check out Nourish Balance Thrive when you get a chance.  We highly recommend it!

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