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9 Big Reasons to Upgrade Your Joovv System

Joovv full-body red light therapy

Joovv makes the only light therapy devices that are designed to let you build a larger, more powerful system over time through a patented modular system. But that’s not the only advantage to upgrading your Joovv system. In this post, we break down 9 big reasons why a bigger Joovv is better. Everything from more coverage, better results, shorter treatment times, and big savings with Joovv’s special upgrade pricing. 

If you’re ready to upgrade, click here to start the process and see what's availableIf you’re still thinking about it, check out these 9 big reasons why upgrading your Joovv system is a smart move for your health (and wallet): 

Reason #1: Upgrade for More Coverage

This one’s simple: upgrading to a bigger Joovv system allows you to cover more of your body during a treatment session. More coverage means more of your cells can benefit from natural light, with better overall health results. 

That’s why a device like the Joovv Duo will offer more health benefits than a smaller device like a Joovv Go, Mini, or Solo. And why a Joovv Quad doubles the coverage and effectiveness of a Joovv Duo. With light therapy, size really does matter, and bigger is better. Check out this article for a full breakdown of why size and coverage are such crucial variables for light therapy treatments. 

Joovv Elite and Joovv Quad red light therapy

Reason #2: More Power 

A bigger Joovv device gives you more coverage, and also more POWER. Joovv’s devices are the most powerful light therapy systems on the market today, as proven by independent diagnostic testing (see the graph below). The larger your device, the more light power you can absorb in one treatment.

Check out this post for an explanation of red light therapy power, including diagnostic power data for Joovv and other (less powerful) devices. The chart below breaks down how two of Joovv's devices compare to other LED light therapy devices. As you can see, the Joovv Solo actually delivers almost twice as much energy than Device A, while the Joovv Elite delivers almost ten times as much energy as Device A. 

Comparing power of light therapy devices

Reason #3: More Coverage + More Power = Better Health Results

More power and more coverage with a larger Joovv device gives you better health benefits from your light therapy treatments, plain and simple. Targeted treatments with a smaller device have their benefits, especially for trouble spots like injuries and skin blemishes. But if you want full-body health benefits like better sleep, less inflammation, and healthier hormone production, you need full-body power and coverage with a large device like a Joovv Max or larger.  

Full-body Joovvin’ is also great for improving fitness, including muscle growth and performance. Same goes for faster muscle recovery and less muscle soreness.

Those are only a few of the health areas that you’ll see improvements in when you upgrade to a larger device. Check out our learn library to see the full array of what full-body red light therapy can do for you.

Joovv Max Joovv Mini Red Light Therapy Devices

Reason #4: Shorter Treatment Times with Joovv’s Larger Devices

You could get close to full-body coverage with a smaller device if you did treatment after treatment and kept shifting your body around—but who has the time? A larger Joovv gives you better results in equal or less time than a smaller device. With a Joovv Elite, you can get true full-body coverage in just one 10-15 minute session. To get the same coverage and power with a Joovv Mini or Joovv Go, you’d have to do treatments for over 10 times as long.

Save time, go bigger, and get better results. Win-win-win. 

Reason #5: Joovv’s Modular Design is Made for Upgrades

Joovv’s patented modular devices are literally designed to build up to a bigger, full-body system with better health results. Other light therapy devices are one and done, you get what you get. Joovv’s systems combine and work together to give you more coverage and power. 

Check out this post for the full story on our modular systems.

Reason #6: Save Money with Joovv’s Special Upgrade Pricing

A bigger Joovv gives you better health results. It also saves you money with Joovv’s special discount pricing. Here’s how it works: when you upgrade to a larger device within your first year of purchasing, we’ll give you the same bundle pricing as if you purchased the larger system from the get-go.

For example: If you bought a Joovv Solo and wanted to upgrade to a Joovv Duo, you would save $200 versus the price of a new Duo. If you upgraded to a Joovv Elite from your Solo, you would save a full $1,175 versus the price of a new Elite. 

To find out how much you’ll save on your upgrade, fill out the form on this page with the upgrade option you’re interested in and one of our friendly upgrade specialists will help you out.

Reason #7: Upgrade Now and Pay Later with Joovv’s Flexible Financing Options

You’ll save money on your Joovv upgrade, and with our flexible financing options, you can upgrade now and pay later. We work with Bread Financing to offer low interest rates, and 0% APR on many orders. Plus, there’s no prepayment penalty. 

Check out all the Joovv financing options here

Reason #8: The Pros are Joovvin’ with Full-Body Devices

The elite pro athletes, world-class trainers, and natural health leaders who use Joovv every day know that bigger is better. That’s why our professional clients (from NFL teams to estheticians) usually choose the Joovv Elite, the biggest, most effective light therapy system available. The photo below is UFC champion fighter Anthony Pettis in front of his Joovv Elite.

Anthony Pettis Joovv red light therapy

Reason #9: Other Joovv Customers are Loving Their Upgrades

The pros aren’t the only ones loving their full-body Joovv systems. You can also take it from real Joovv customers who have experienced better results and shorter treatment times with larger devices like the Joovv Max, Joovv Quad, and Joovv Elite. 

Like Kristi:

“My only regret is not upgrading earlier. By going from the Mini to the Max, I can treat a much larger area of my body. Highly recommended!”

And Patrick S.:

“I upgraded to the Quad. Worth every penny. I can treat my entire body so much faster. Loving my bigger Joovv!”

And Jane P.:

“I considered upgrading for a while, and should have pulled the trigger sooner. Full-body coverage with the Joovv Elite is hard to beat!”

Check out lots more reviews and testimonials from real Joovv customers here

Joovv red light therapy at home

Conclusion: Up Your Light Therapy Game!

A bigger Joovv is a no-brainer. You’ll get more coverage, more power, for better full-body health results in short treatment times. You’ll save money on your upgrade, and enjoy the same elite light therapy experience that pro athletes and health practitioners use on a daily basis. Join the other Joovv customers who have upgraded and never looked back!

If you’re ready to upgrade, click here to start the process and see what's available. Our friendly Upgrade Team are experts on Joovv hardware and red light therapy, and they’re happy to help you out with the specifics of your upgrade. 

Cheers to bigger, better light therapy and optimized health and fitness! 

Joovv light therapy products are indicated for use in the relief of muscle and joint pain, including arthritis and muscle spasm pain, and increasing of blood circulation, and relaxation of muscles. The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to support the safety or effectiveness of Joovv devices, or diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It's not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your healthcare provider, and should not be construed as medical advice.

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